Nat Geo Features Bermuda In “Gathering Storm”

August 20, 2020

The National Geographic TV channel is featuring the impact of Hurricane Humberto on Bermuda in one of the episodes of “Gathering Storm,” a new series they said is about the “planet’s fiercest storms” in the “major hurricane zones of the world.”

The report on Nat Geo TV said, “A major global series forming a unique view on the planet’s fiercest storms, through the experience of people who work at sea inside the major hurricane zones of the world. Through extensive access agreements, hundreds of cameras are embedded on boats, ships and oil platforms.

Trailer for Gathering Storm: Hurricane Humberto

“So as the storm approaches and the clock ticks down we are with the men who witness weather at its wildest, from all angles. All face different challenges, with different cargoes, deadlines and routes. At stake is the job, their cargo, their equipment… and their lives.

“We tell their greatest stories; the triumphs of engineering, ingenuity and sheer bravery that go along with working in storms at sea. Through their eyes we witness the rise of the storm. And we experience what it takes to get their job done in the face of nature’s wildest weather.

Trailer for Gathering Storm

“To explain what lies behind the unpredictability and danger unfolding on the ocean’s surface, these first hand stories combine with scientific insight, analysis and satellite mapping. This dual perspective on one compelling story, brings together real human urgency and global weather science.”

As far as the Gathering Storm storm episode on Hurricane Humberto, National Geographic said, “Warm seas in the Atlantic and Caribbean threaten a monster hurricane, and they deliver.

“A tropical cyclone forms near the Bahamas, aiming for Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. But it turns as it builds, putting the East Coast on alert. And as Hurricane Humberto forms, and grows to category 3 status, its tight arc sends it directly towards the island of Bermuda.”

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  1. nat geo says:

    nat geo always blowing things out of proportion lol thats why no one watches them no more