Shaun Goater Interviewed By FIFA Website

August 18, 2020

Bermudian football legend Shaun Goater has been interviewed by FIFA’s official website, with the story calling him “a natural finisher” that took Bermuda “to the next level on the international stage.”

The story said, “Shaun Goater remembers riding a moped to a football match in the Bermudian rain with his mother. After going around a bend, the back wheel came from under them and they both jumped off it. She checked on her son before quickly responding, “Quick, get back on!”

“That determination and passion for the game greatly shaped and influenced Goater’s life. His mother played for a team called the Cosmos, named after the famous New York outfit, and was an all-round midfielder. Shaun claims: “I’m sure she would say, ‘Listen, I was the best thing in that midfield! [laughs]‘ ”

“A natural finisher, Goater’s love for the game came from her and blossomed into a successful career, which included taking Bermuda to the next level on the international stage, registering an impressive record of 32 goals in 36 appearances.

“No matter how many goals Goater would score in a game, even as a school kid, she would tell him, “Get one more. Get one more.” He would score five goals and she would say, “You didn’t score six.” It was that mindset that stuck with him throughout his career, which included stints at Rotherham and Manchester City

“His professionalism, deep knowledge and service to the game have made a lasting impact on the island nation. 21 June 2000 was officially declared ‘Shaun Goater Day’ in Bermuda — however Goater was keen to clear up and stress that it was for that year only.

“During the pandemic, he has spent a lot of his time mentoring aspiring kids who have a desire to make it as professional footballers via Zoom sessions.

“It’s only fitting that Goater will be taking part in the Concacaf Preliminary Draw for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ as a FIFA Legend and as someone who changed the game in Bermuda forever.”

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  1. YNWA says:

    He’s a great guy of great character to bad he played for the enemy.