Wayne Caines Appointed New Chair Of The BTA

October 22, 2020

Premier David Burt, the Minister responsible for Tourism, announced that MP Wayne Caines will be the next Chair of the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] Board of Directors and MP Kim Swan will also join the BTA Board.

“I am pleased that The Hon. Wayne Michael Caines has accepted my invitation to become the Chairman of the Bermuda Tourism Authority,” said Premier Burt.

“Wayne has a strong academic background with professional qualifications in history and law; he has served as Junior Minister of Tourism and is a respected former CEO of Digicel Bermuda and SENIAC Consulting. Wayne is also at home with corporate governance and brings to this role significant boardroom experience. He is a proven, energetic and committed leader.”

Premier Burt commended the former BTA Board Chair: “Since 2017, Bermuda and the BTA have been fortunate to enjoy the selfless service of an outstanding board chairman in Paul Telford.

“Paul is a consummate professional whose expertise in his chosen field has seen him go from strength to strength. I wish to thank him for these three years of service and as he continues his work in Turks & Caicos Islands, my hope is that we will one day soon have a hotel in Bermuda that will coax him to once again return home.”

BTA Bermuda Oct 22 2020 2

“The seismic shift in global travel outlook will usher in an era of change in the definition of tourism norms. Before Covid, Bermuda may have slipped in under the radar screen, cautiously measuring tourism success against bad years and reinventing statistics to present a picture of niche successes.” said Premier Burt.

“That tide has gone out and the world is now exposed. As a destination we must be determined not to replicate those lean years but to create a revival of our tourism economy that is led by presenting a relevant, vibrant, value for money product that can again be the envy of the world and provide careers for our people.”

The announcement said, “MP Caines, the representative for Devonshire North West, has served as Minister of National Security July 2017 to July 2020, and is a former CEO of Digicel Bermuda. He sits on several boards, including Stevedoring Services and ILS Capital, and is a fraternity member of Alpha Phi Alpha Inc.

“In former government roles, he has served as Chief of Staff to the Premier and as a Senator, with responsibilities as the Junior Minister of Tourism, Transport, Environment and Sport. He is a graduate of the University of Kent School of Law and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

“Former Board Chair, Paul Telford, began his career in Bermuda’s hospitality industry as a teenage busboy and has worked on the island and overseas, latterly serving as Managing Director of Rosewood Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa (now Rosewood Bermuda). In 2019, he was named General Manager of The Shore Club Turks & Caicos.

BTA Bermuda Oct 22 2020 1

“MP Kim Swan has served on numerous Government boards and Parliamentary committees, including as former Chairman of the Joint Select Committee on the events of December 2, 2016; former Chairman of the Road Safety Council; and former member of the Police Complaints Authority, Immigration Board, Charity Commission and the St. George’s Golf Course Advisory Committee.

“As a member of the Bermuda branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), he has represented Bermuda at several conferences in Bermuda, the Caribbean and Tanzania, including being a presenter in Uganda on the Benchmarks of the CPA.

“He is a professional golfer by trade and holds the distinction of being the first Bermudian to compete as a member on the PGA European Golf “Tour. As a collegiate golfer, Kim represented Troy State University and won two NCAA collegiate golf championships.”

“On behalf of the BTA, I wish to sincerely thank Paul for his dedicated service as our Board Chair over the past three years,” said BTA Deputy Chair Stephen Todd. “His tenure has helped shape the organisation’s strategic focus and added value to what we’ve been able to accomplish for the overall betterment of the hospitality and hotel industry.

“We now welcome Wayne to this critical role; his leadership experience is an asset as we collectively tackle global challenges to re-start the hospitality sector and continue advancing the National Tourism Plan. We also welcome Kim, who has been a longtime advocate for Bermuda tourism and brings a wealth of insight.”

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  1. kevin says:

    There it goes the last chance we had …this will lead to the total demise of the BTA whatever hope we had of a government free / interference is over ..these 2 bring nothing to the table neither have any clue about tourism …oh wait that is the same for every other ministry besides finance …..
    BDA you get what you vote for

    • Dafidel says:

      The Premier needs to stop misleading. He says we need think differently, he says we need innovation, he says that we can’t keep doing things the same and then he DOES THIS! Appoints two old people who just keep getting recycled throughout government and their boards. With all the smart and talented people we have in this country, Premier Burt if you think these two are the best to help lead and influence our tourism industry the people should really start to question your competence and decision making. First Rolfe, now these two, you are now 0-3. Keep picking the rejects no one wants. Stellar Job!

  2. Vortex says:

    Jobs for the mates!

    Just like Bermuda in the 70s.

    Because he was such a great tourist in London.

    • colourless says:

      The one who disrespected woman with the ‘titty-milk’ remark!
      What next from Mr.Caines?!

  3. Ringmaster says:

    Wow. The PLP wants Bermuda to fail. So sad.

  4. JohnBoy says:

    Wait, is it April already?!

    • LOL says:

      It was April on the UBPOBA when all the people left you oct 1 with 5 fools and a jet gate opposition.

      • wahoo says:

        How long did it take for you to be indoctrinated? Was it a lifetime or were you a quick study?

  5. Unbelievable says:

    A member of Parliament from the ruling party is appointed to a major Govt board – this is some pre-1965, pre-constitutional reform BS.

    OMG the look on Glenn’s face says it ALL. Now the BTA is led by a guy who had to resign in disgrace because he didn’t follow HIS OWN covid regulations. You lot hear that?? He set the rules then broke them. Then had to resign (or was he fired?).

    Oh man, Bermuda, the bench really is shallow. We live in a one party state, y’all. Hope you’re happy.

  6. Watcher says:

    Glens face in these pictures tells a massive tale. Absolute joke appointments; jobs for the mates and now bringing massive political interference into a supposedly independent organization. You get what you wish for BDA, last one to leave turn the lights out.

    • guy smiley says:

      Hard to say if the others are smiling or laughing their a$$e$ off.

    • frank says:

      the bta was just another way for the oba to hide money

    • frank says:

      we have to use all the talent that we have to get bermuda back on track

  7. rotten onion says:

    This is a travesty, Kim bring nothing to the table and Caines is just a pretty guy

  8. Rule Breakers says:

    Oh look! Wayne is breaking the rules AGAIN! Where are their masks?
    One rule for them and another for the rest of us.

  9. Disgraceful says:

    What next? Zane gets appointed to the BTA as Vicki replacement? You can’t make this sh&t up! Disgraceful!

  10. Warrior says:

    Rolf fired, recalled, lied and kicked out..don’t go back Rolf cuz hindsight is not a great view.
    Caines with his arrogance, titty milk, fake tears, uncovered blu party, asked/told to resign and has resurfaced. Seems Burt likes naughty and nasty. You idiots do not realize you are being used. Remember how former Premiers were kicked out…. pay attention. Individuals who voted for PLP, party of Naughty and Nasty friends and idiots.

  11. HUH?!?! says:

    Nice great accolades by Wayne which have 000000000 to do with Tourism. Burt you a master at smoke and mirrors mate. Well done back to atrocious tourism numbers again like last time PLP “knew” what they were doing in charge of tourism. Good luck SMH!

  12. Wow says:

    Jobs for the mates, look out PLP electorate, don’t forget they get the last payckecks. You are all being suckered!

  13. DownDeRoad says:


    • sandgrownan says:

      What’s that, your IQ?

    • kevin says:

      actually its the rate of return the plp produced when in charge of tourism they spent 30 million and made 6 million in revenue ….remember singing of the US National anthem in Boston……..faith based tourism what a joke Burt you are the least qualified in Tourism but hey Fintech is thriving isnt it and casinos are full ….gullable best way to discribe green machine supporters

  14. D says:

    I’m proud that I did not vote PLP like we are brainwashed to. FDM!

  15. Acegurl says:

    OMG jobs for the friends! Wayne’s track record highlights that he is eminently qualified for this top job. To think Kevin Dallas left this position with his background in marketing at a corporate level. I cannot believe David Burt cannot select people with a background in the area Or specialization required. For example Diallo Rabain in Education, Kim Wilson in Health, Wayne Caines now in the Tourism Authority. We won’t even mention Rolfe Commissiong it is unbelievable. But as the saying goes sometimes you get the government you deserve.

  16. saud says:


  17. Boston Whaler Owner says:


    I’m going fishing.

    • Boston Whaler Owner says:

      No I’m not,the sea is dangerous now,
      Keep out and Stay Safe.

  18. wing nut says:

    SO first the titty milk. then driving around on cell phone talking to someone riding next to him, then dancing on the tables without a mask. Then get rewarded, well done..well we know the burt math and so does the dude that got bdas 800k.
    Great job voters!
    Swan,,what does he bring,,NOTHING

  19. Birdlegs says:

    So wrong on so many levels. I would expect nothing less however.

  20. sunk skunk says:

    well that’s the end of that new sales campaign “come to land of titty milk, no masks and bring your life jacket.Where is zip zane gonna fit in just waiting for a hand picked special seat

  21. Harold Conyers says:

    A few thoughts…

    This is not altogether unexpected as the model is in place (e.g. many GoB statutory boards and the Corporations are likely next) whereby such entities are populated by persons appointed on the basis of race and or political persuasion rather than relevant talent/experience.

    The established pattern of its behavior in this regard makes it reasonable to suggest that the PLP now does this to a greater and bolder extent than the UBP or OBA ever did. The risk being that we the people pay for, but do not get the best person for the job = more expensive mistakes to correct that add to our crippling debt.

    From an awareness perspective the possibility exists that the culture of such entities (and perhaps the external pressure applied to them) may be one that engenders constructive dismissal towards anyone viewed as ‘non-compliant’ (regardless of relevant talent and job performance) thus enabling space to be made for ‘compliant’ persons (regardless of relevant talent and job performance).

    Speaking to relevant talent and job performance in this context we should, very unfortunately and for the foreseeable future, continue to expect but never accept the abandonment of due process that the expenditure of our tax dollars deserves by way of advertisement, interview, hiring, probationary period and job performance/delivery output accountability.

    Finally, regarding the appointments, the Rubik’s Cube/musical chairs nature of politics required that the talented Mr. Caines land somewhere significant and perhaps the Chair of the BTA is, even in light of the above, a potential positive for the island subject to his performance and learning from his many past and very public mistakes. With respect to Mr. Swan his resume does not seem to reflect the forward and innovative thinking that the Premier rightly suggests we need, consequently this choice seems confusing, unwise and a misuse of a very precious Board seat, but, it is perhaps ‘compliant’.

    • St George's C2Voter says:

      Obviously Mr Conyers, you have not view Mr Swan’s CV. He’s been bringing and working with the tourism product for many decades. Your political bias agenda is too obvious

  22. bluenose says:

    Come on PLP voters, hold them accountable. Just kidding. We know that will never happen. How very sad for Bermuda and most of it’s people.

  23. dunn juice says:

    Free titty milk for everyone, and dancing on the tables on front street.
    Glen looks forced for this photo, a real kick in the arse.
    Might as well bring back Zaney and Rolfe..

  24. La Verdad says:

    The same haters. Move on.

  25. Unbelievable says:

    Look, Wayne is a good guy – he really is and has the best intentions but he’s his own worst enemy. He likes a camera, likes to be in charge and all that. He craves being the centre of attention. His FB status admonishing his wife for not calling him “Minister Caines” in 2017 is proof of that. I personally don’t think he’s fit to be an MP and this AGAIN proves that the bench is shallow on the PLP side.

    There is an acting Culture minister (after the one just appointed was fired for the 2nd time in 2 months) and now a sitting MP is appointed the chair of a Govt board while another Govt MP is added to the board. This is classic 40 Thieves stuff. Power consolidation.

    I give it 2 – 3 months before there are other “resignations” from that board.

  26. Jus' Wonderin' says:


  27. Simons says:

    What holds for whites naturally also holds for blacks. It is a simple equation…. Ohhhh wait not true!!!

    Nepotism (the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs and contracts) and cronyism (the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications) have long dominated worldwide political and business culture.

    “So what do we want to do, strip politicians of the ability to have a say in who gets work? Then what? Who is going to vote if there is no direct or indirect benefits?

    The emergence of the individual heralds the beginning of self-fulfillment, they will increasingly endow themselves with sound political structures and reject those providential “fathers and mothers of the nation” who are very soon intoxicated and corrupted by absolute power and have an unfortunate tendency to regard the coffers of state as their personal property.

  28. Wahoo says:

    So Titty milk and put-put got a paycheck. What skills do they have that makes them so qualified?

  29. Ringmaster says:

    Reparations are now in full swing. Just like all the freebies Ewart Brown introduced when he was Premier. How does Bermuda pay for them? Who cares, just borrow more money.

  30. saud says:

    “What skills do they have that makes them so qualified?”

    They’re homophobic and xenophobic…what other skills do they need?