‘We Are Exporting Millions To Pay For Oil’

November 21, 2020

We are “exporting hundreds of millions of dollars” to pay for oil and “we want to keep as much of that money on our island,” Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said, adding that “energy independence is actually profitable for Bermuda if we care to embrace it.”

Speaking during a recent BNV interview, Minister Roban told Bernews, “Energy independence is the goal.

“We are exporting hundreds of millions of dollars outside of Bermuda to pay for dirty oil, fossil fuel, heavy fuel oil that powers the utility.

“We want to keep as much of that money on island, if in the next 15 years we can cut that down to half, that’s potentially tens of millions of dollars that stays in Bermuda, that benefits the economy here, it’s not going to pay for a company overseas for their profits, it’ll stay here in Bermuda and benefit our residents, and it will benefit our community.

“That’s also a part of the goal as well. Energy independence is actually profitable for Bermuda if we care to embrace it,” he added.

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  1. Question says:

    It’s like having a 14-year-old as a government minister. Spouting off ill-thought-out nonsense.

  2. sage says:

    Are we going to use Bermudian oil now?

    • wussy says:

      watch out for the FoF oil wells in all our neighbor hoods. Guess the arabs et all are worried

  3. Renewals are a scam says:

    Have you even researched renewable energy? It is a money sink and the biggest scam currently in the world.

    It ends up costing more than fossil fuels. Windmills have a 10 to 20 year shelf life. Then there is nowhere to get rid of the equipment.

    Solar is trash.

    At some point it may happen but the technology is not ready.

    Please start by taking a look at the new documentary,

    Planet of the Humans

    • George says:

      That’s why so many people/companies/countries are investing in renewable energy technology world wide eh?

      • bermyguy says:

        I suggest you watch the documentary Planet of the Humans, its on YouTube. It will give you an idea what going green really means.

        • Kathy says:

          Creating doubt is not going to work anymore. THE ARGUMENT IS OVER!!

      • Renewals are a scam says:

        Yes.. thats exactly why they are investing in renewable. Because they know the end cost will be pushed onto the PEOPLE. Yes they love the idea of making a lot of money.

        Take some time and look into it for yourself.

      • question says:

        Companies are ‘investing’ in it because governments are subsidising it, not because it makes any economic sense.
        At the same time, China keeps building coal-fired power plants.

    • Kathy says:

      Please, THE ARGUMENT IS OVER and my $25 Belco bill this month proves it.

  4. Bobby Jones says:

    Yes we do send our hard earned millions of US $ off island for oil.
    BUT the Government makes millions of dollars for the duty charged on that imported oil.
    This is one of the reasons that our electric bills and gasoline costs are so high.
    Where would the government get that income if we went to green energy?It’s the million dollar question.

    • Kathy says:

      Carbon tax and seabed leasing! Time for all of us who have been subsidising dirty fuel to pay up and make things right!

  5. Really says:

    The Minister just approved the sale of belco to Canadians. Another key Bermudian facility lost like the airport and acute care facility.

    Now he wants to keep millions here with renewables, restructuring health care and creating a digital bank to fix it all. He and FinMin have no idea. Belco is a regulated business. It’s guaranteed a rate of return for the new state of the art diesel plant he also approved – the one dumping fallout on the residents of Pembroke. The acute care facility has guaranteed payments like the airport. Both PLP and the and OBA along with hypocritical Bermudian business leaders sold Bermuda for the mighty dollar. Spin the political rhetoric all you want.

    All the Bermudian jobs lost from the bank of Bermuda, belco, airport and hospital plus the recurring revenue will never be recovered.

    No growth plan. No ideas. Quo Fata Ferrunt

  6. bermyguy says:

    I too suggest you watch the documentary Planet of the Humans, its on YouTube. It will give you an idea what going green really means.

  7. Casino says:

    Just wait until casinos open! We will be shipping HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars off island as payment to overseas hotel owners and overseas casino operators!

    You voted these fools in so don’t complain when all of our foreign currency leaves the island and we can’t print US dollars!

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      There will be no casinos. The PLP Government ensured that when it made the Casino Gaming Commission a political tool rather than in independent commission.

      It’s the same as passing the PATI Act in 2010 and then doing nothing to appoint a Commissioner. The PLP Government can say “We gave you the PATI Act” but making sure that it cannot not work. It’s all political slight of hand

    • Kathy says:

      Just wait until Biden does well on his promises and starts sanctioning countries who are not aiming towards 100% renewable energy. All premiums ceded to the US taxed? Could cost us a lot more!!!

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Every US President since Nixon has said that they would take steps to undermine our insurance industry and not one followed through

        • Politricks says:

          Agreed. And they definitely won’t do the same to the very powerful and rich oil industry.

  8. Tt says:

    Omg, hair brain ideas, by parrots. U still think that owning more than 1 vehicle will crowd the roads whereas you can only drive one at a time. Smh stick to your 50s ideologies leave the future for someone else.

  9. Independent thinker says:

    If you research the film “Planet of The Human” you will find that some things it says are correct; some things are out of date and done are straight up incorrect. The incorrect things include some of the comments here that are suggesting the Minister is wrong

  10. Circada says:

    Well it looks like the oil lobby woke up early this morning. (8<|)

  11. DeOnion says:

    Govt taxes the oil – how will that lost revenue be made up?

  12. Unbelievable says:

    This would be a good idea but AGAIN…..remember a month ago when he said that cable and tech companies were “looking” at Bermuda and then two weeks ago, Furbert said that vertical farming was another thing that Govt was “looking” at?

    WHEN ARE THESE THINGS GOING TO HAPPEN? Is this just talk for the sake of keeping the PLP base happy? IS THIS LIKE GAMING AND MARIJUANA AND CRYPTO? None of that has happened when it should have started after July 2017! Once again the PLP is too little too late. I’m sorry but for all that messiness of the OBA, at least we got a new airport, a new hotel and a solar farm out of their term. The heck is the PLP’ s record?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      You left out the great space satellite initiative . More nothing , in fact I believe that someone else got our slot !

      • Unbelievable says:

        Oh yes that too. When the hell are PLP’ers going to hold their party to account?

  13. P says:

    I’m so surprised at how easy humans minds are manipulated. If you think renewable energy is clean then you haven’t researched. The maintream media is brainwashing so many, it’s funny, or is it? The only energy with zero emmissions is Nuclear.

    • Kathy says:

      Nuclear? Where do you put the forever waste in Bermuda? You are delusional!

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        I did not read P’s post as suggesting nuclear power for Bermuda, mere a statement of opinion. The only current technologies that offer power production with minimal carbon emissions are nuclear and solar, and solar is unpredictable.