New Yorker Enjoying Working From Bermuda

November 12, 2020

“Everyone is very respectful, they wear masks, make you sanitize your hands before entering a public space” and it’s “non-politicized protection,” a New Yorker who is currently living on the island as part of the One Year Residential Certificate programme said.

This is according to an article from Travel + Leisure about digital nomads, which featured the visa options in locations including Bermuda.

The Travel + Leisure story said, “These adventurous travelers — some with kids — are taking advantage of their new location independence with prolonged stays in popular vacation destinations.

Noting that “Carole Reed is enthusiastic about her new living situation,” the article said “the New Yorker and her family moved to the island in September.”

“It’s awfully nice to take lunch on the beach, and my son, husband, and I are like little kids when we get to walk a short distance to a powdery beach and go for a swim,” she said. “I almost feel guilty that it’s so beautiful.”

When asked if she felt safe exploring Bermuda, Ms Reed said, “Everyone is very respectful — they wear masks and make you sanitize your hands before entering a public space. It’s non-politicized protection and communal care for everybody’s health and well-being,” she said.

“I still feel like I’m on vacation. Every weekend, we’ve tried to take a hike or discover something new.”

She told the publication her family “plans to stay until February and probably longer,” saying, “We love New York as a city and hope that it does well through the pandemic. But being in the tropics with some really nice people, I am not regretting this decision at all.”

You can read the full story here on the Travel + Leisure website.

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  1. Carole Reed says:

    thank you for republishing the article about how much we love living in Bermuda – we are so grateful to be here!

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    It is nice to know someone has actually taken up residence on one of these permits.

    The Minister keeps telling us how many permits have been applied for and how many permits have been approved, but never how many people have actually taken up residence based on these permits.