Remembrance Day Harness Pony Race Results

November 12, 2020

The Harness Pony Racing Remembrance Day action at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street saw one of the closest races ever finished at the track, as in a four-horse race heat three, three horses recorded the exact same time, with a nose separating placements.

Rockeyed Optimist with Dylan DeSilva in the bike, Double Time with Candyce Martins in the bike, Andrea Westerfield in the bike of Custard the Dragon, and Reel Patrol with Kiwon Waldron in the bike all took to the start line.

When the gate dropped, Desilva and Rockeyed Optimist got out to a strong start, with Westerfield and Custard the Dragon taking up the second-place spot, Double Time with Candyce Martins settling into the third position, and Waldron who was making his first local start of the season following his time in Indiana, along with Reel Patrol sat in fourth place.

On the final lap things heated up, with Desilva and Rockeyed Optimist, Westerfield and Custard the Dragon, and Reel Patrol and Waldron all finishing with a time of 1:05 flat in that order, with Westerfield and Custard the Dragon clocking a time of 1:05&2.

Heat One 1:05&1 – 1:06&3 Time Bar Class

  • 1:06&0 Catrina Stephens & Shady Maple
  • 1:07&4 Candyce Martins & Inwoods Realist
  • 1:08&2 Joseph Veira & A Touch of Red

Heat Two 1:11&4 & Slower Time Bar Class

  • 1:10&0 Philip Correia

Heat Two 1:03&1&4 – 1:04&0 Time Bar Class

  • 1:05&0 Dylan DeSilva & Rockeyed Optimist
  • 1:05&0 Candyce Martins & Double Time
  • 1:05&0 Kiwon Waldron & Reel Patrol
  • 1:05&2 Andrea Westerfield & Custard the Dragon

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