Nicky Gurret Launches Book & Art Show

November 9, 2020

Nicky Gurret has announced the release of a book titled Floral Art, along with an art show titled ‘Floral and Earth Art’ at Studio A at the Bermuda Society of Art gallery, with the show opening on November 14 and running until December 9.

A spokesperson said, “Ms Gurret will exhibit and have for sale various photographs from her book along with acrylics on canvas. She is proud to offer her second book, Floral Art, which will be available at her art show titled Floral Art and Earth Art at Studio A, located at BSOA on the second Floor of City Hall from 10-49m Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.

“The show takes place from November 14th to December 9th, with opening night on Friday 13th November from 5-7pm.

Floral Art Bermuda Nov 8 2020

“Floral Art is a small coffee table book.”

Ms Gurret said, “Everyone loves flowers. They are gifts from the earth, as are plants. Floral Art is an art form which uses these wonderful natural ephemeral materials to create art.

“It is the art of organizing elements of design according to the principles of design using plant material and other components to attain the attributes of art which are beauty, harmony, distinction and expression.”

The spokesperson said, “Inside this gem of a book, the award-winning floral artist Nicky Gurret outlines the principles and elements of design whilst displaying cutting edge chic and unique arrangements.”

Ms. Gurret said, “I am so excited to launch my second book and share my passion for floral art with Bermuda.”

The spokesperson said, “Ms. Gurret is an award winning floral artist having exhibited worldwide. She is an architect, artist, photographer and beach artist.

“Ms. Gurret has won numerous awards for floral art in her native Bermuda, and has exhibited internationally in England, Scotland and United States.”

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