Aerial Photos & Video: Flatts Bridges Installation

December 14, 2020

Work took place today [Dec 14] on the installation of the bridge in Flatts, with the Friends of Bermuda Railway Trail’ organization explaining that the “bridge that was placed on the pylons today was the most complex to assemble and install of those spans planned at Flatts.”

The Friends of Bermuda Railway Trail organisation had previously advised that “the center span of the pedestrian bridges across Flatts Inlet will be installed on Monday, December 14, 2020, if suitable weather conditions prevail.”

Speaking this afternoon, the organisation told Bernews, “The bridge that was placed on the pylons today was the most complex to assemble and install of those spans planned at Flatts [it is one of the longest fiberglass bridges in the world].

“Now that it has successfully been put in place, Friends of Bermuda Railway Trail and the Department of Parks, [with help from a lot of volunteers] can continue with with work on the additional spans in Phase 2 of the Flatts project, which will complete the connection across the inlet.”

Update 6.59pm: You can also view a time lapse video of the installation here.












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  1. Stop the madness says:

    This bridge is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. It spoils a classic scene and everyone is too polite to say so. When will someone finally stop these people?

    • Dallas says:

      What it looks like is a railway bridge – which seems pretty logical to be in keeping with what was there before.

      • Question says:

        Because railway bridges are well-known for their natural beauty. Right up there with oil refineries.

    • @@ please says:

      And what do you mean by “these people”? You racist troll!

      • James says:

        What is racist about saying these people? These people could mean any group of people.

        • Question says:

          These days, if you disagree with someone and have no other logical arguments, you just call them a racist. Pathetic isn’t it.

        • saud says:

          Don’t play coy…you know, as well as everyone else in Bermuda, what it means.

    • Thanks says:

      This group has done one of the most wonderful things that any charitable organization has ever done for this island. They are directly responsible for increased economic activity on island (tourist love it and the RWT is featured in many a tourist magazines/websites) and are doing good for the health and wellness of the local population. I challenge you to walk a section of the trail at sunset, basking in all the glory Bermuda has to offer, getting a friendly hello from another trail walker or runner, watching a child enjoy one of the few public spaces they can play on without fear of traffic-I challenge you to do that and still call it ugly.

      The only thing this trail needs now is a statue built to thank the men and women who quietly built this trail over the past decade. They are true hero’s of Bermuda.

      • croft says:

        Thankyou to all involved, this bridge is a wonderful asset for Bermuda. We can finally appreciate the beauty of Flatts Inlet without dodging dangerous traffic and noise. I can’t wait to walk this wonderful trail.

        Please ignore the downers.

    • Boston Whaler Owner says:

      @Stop the madness

      you need to change Doctor,whatever meds you are on is not working.I suggest stronger doses of Cool Aid.

    • Mike Hind says:

      If that’s one of the ugliest things you’ve ever seen, you are incredibly lucky.

      However, the views from it, and from the now even more easily accessible railway trail? Some of the most beautiful things the world has ever seen.

      I, for one, look forward to walking it as often as I can.

      • Go play your banjo says:

        Oops sorry forgot – no nightlife in Bermuda so no banjos

  2. sandgrownan says:

    Awesome. Ferry Reach next….

  3. mrsmcgooner says:

    @stopthemadness – you can get medical treatment for Miserableitis.