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February 9, 2021

With the Department of Parks currently inviting feedback on “what amenities, activities and experiences” should be offered at the Southlands Park in Warwick, the two videos below provide a ‘virtual walk’ through the park to help you envision the area.

To provide a point of comparison, Southlands is 38 acres, which means it is a bit larger than the Botanical Gardens in Paget which is 36 acres, and substantially larger than the Arboretum in Devonshire, which is 22 acres.

Aerial view of Southlands:

A Government previously spokesperson said, “The Department of Parks is inviting your feedback and suggestions on what amenities, activities, and experiences should be offered at Southlands Park. Please visit the Citizen’s Forum at and share your thoughts.”

The video below shows a walk through some areas of the park, it is not especially ‘fancy’ filming and editing, as it is designed to show what you can see when walking through for an extended time period so that people who may not have visited Southlands before can get a good idea of what the area is like.

8-minute video of a virtual walk through Southlands Park:

The relevant page on the Government website said, “As a result of the Morgan’s Point land swap agreement, the Government of Bermuda acquired Southlands Park, a priceless open space in Warwick with a beach front, quarry gardens, tree collections, and unlimited potential.

“Southlands consists of 38 acres and is located in Warwick Parish. It is zoned National Park and preserved under the 1986 Bermuda National Parks Act as a ‘Class B- Amenity Park’ protected area.

forum Bermuda Jan 16 2021

“Southlands Park provides an opportunity to restore a unique area to create a tourism destination and environmental education center for the Island’s residents and visitors to enjoy.

“The purpose of this consultation is to gather feedback from the public regarding amenities, activities, and experiences that should be offered at Southlands Park.”

The consultation period will run until February 19th, 2021, and you can visit the Bermuda Government’s Citizen’s Forum website here on to submit your ideas.







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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Create farm land and start growing organic food, fruits and spices for the country! We have enough hotels, buildings etc.
    We need to grow food in case the containers aren’t able to come here so we’re self sustain! Don’t waste what little bit of land we have left to create more buildings destroying our natural resource! Preserve and develop what we have left!

    • Hey says:

      We don’t need to destroy the natural beauty, amazing maze of traills and natural space. This is a great walking, exploration and discovery spot.

      We do not need farmland, we have lots of farmland. Being self sufficient is nonsense. It costs to much for the labour here to have greater scale farming.

    • Lorraine T GAYEWSKI says:

      I never knew Southlands existed on Bermuda after over 30 visits from US. Just virtual viewing the land and woods was fascinating, abandoned steps, walls and buildings that should remain as history of the rock. Farm land sounds right or any other land related projects, No condos or hotels should ruin this pristine land. Birds are in their glory with this peaceful space. more nature videos please.

  2. MADDOG says:

    How about leave it alone – use it for farmland, leave it in it’s natural state. Why do we have to commercialize everything and bring amenities into the picture? Look at the photos provided… beautiful! Its the only patch of green space left… Allow our kids the opportunity to enjoy NATURE, and by that I mean NATURAL NATURE. Leave it alone!

  3. Bdabye says:

    I agree with MADDOG, LEAVE IT ALONE!!

  4. Anne Grace Francis says:

    Thank you for wonderful overviews of this beautiful property which could be our new National Gardens. It has potential for a tented theatre pavilion with stepped grassed seating, while the main house could offer workshops on cottage crafts – beekeeping, candle making. topiary, etc.- as well as a tea room with adjacent children’s museum. Wonderful allees of roses and bougainvillea could home here with donated benches and memoriam trees. And somewhere a tree house. But the main paths could be preserved for joggers and wanded walking tours as there is much history here. There are some gardens in UK which attract over 300 thousand visitors annually and this could be our new Tourism attraction. Garden clubs and landscapers please submit your thoughts.

  5. Einstein says:

    Leave it alone, it has some of the last large trees of Bermuda there. If you cut large trees down it is like a sin, killing something so huge and so old and part of our history. Large trees also support life and creatures and the ecosystem, and help our air. Bermuda is too keen on destroying greenery and removing trees. We are barren now compared to island maps from like 50-100 years ago.

  6. sandgrownan says:

    Do. Nothing. Leave it alone.