Govt Encourage ‘Open Dialogue’ On Southlands

January 18, 2021

The Ministry is reminding the public that the “Southlands consultation process welcomes and encourages open dialogue.”

As Bernews previously reported, the Department of Parks is “inviting the members of the public to provide feedback regarding the offering of amenities, activities, and experiences at Southlands Park.”

southlands bermuda trees

A Government spokesperson said, “Today, the Ministry of Public Works provided the following regarding Southlands Park in Warwick.

“The public will be aware that recently the Department of Parks invited feedback regarding the offering of amenities, activities and experiences at Southlands Park. The Ministry took this opportunity to remind the public that the Southlands consultation process welcomes and encourages open dialogue.

“The Ministry of Public Works welcomes any and all feedback regarding the Southlands Park project. The purpose of this initiative is to invite a wide range of views from all sectors of the community. We encourage open dialogue as to how we can best utilize this important part of our ecological heritage.

Move your computer mouse around for a 360 tour of Southlands, or click here if on a mobile phone

“We are keen to ensure its preservation and to also work towards sustaining our open spaces and parks. The public consultation survey feedback will be reviewed and included in the final management plan. As developments progress, the public will be updated accordingly. As a reminder the public can share their feedback by visiting Citizen’s Forum at

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  1. Jack Archer says:

    We don’t really need ideas – Govt needs to put out an RFP for this – ensuring that it is clear it needs to serve the community as well as tourism.
    Sure, it’s nice to ask but it will only serve to slow the process and southlands is already terribly neglected

  2. I stay Hamilton says:

    The Department of Public Works… Isn’t that run by Col. Burch? I’m surprised that people who live outside of the area actually have a say this time.

    They make it sound like they already have plan in mind. What would not surprise me is if this “public consultation” was nothing more than step to introduce some friends and family business there. I can see it now; ATVs and rent-a-bikes in Southlands. Of course, we’ll need to flatten a section of it to create parking and install a building or a kiosk, but hey, here’s the anonymous survey of people who want that sort of thing.