Cruise Website Starts Offering Bookings Today

March 29, 2021

The Royal Caribbean cruise line website has today launched booking for the cruises set to sail from their new homeport of Bermuda, with the first cruise scheduled to depart from Bermuda on June 26th.

According to their website, prices start at $548 per person — not including taxes, fees and port expenses — for an interior room, with prices ranging up to $1,548 for a suite. The website lists 10 sailings, starting on June 26th and ending on August 28, 2021.

The cruise line previously announced the 7-night cruises from “first-time homeport Bermuda”, saying that “sailing with vaccinated crew,” the cruises “will be available to adult guests who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and those under the age of 18 with negative test results.”

Screenshot from the Royal Caribbean website

7 Night Bermuda & Perfect Day Cruise  Royal Caribbean Cruises

Minister of Transport Lawrence Scott has previously said that homeporting — as in cruise lines using Bermuda as their home base — could have a potential economic impact of over $40 million dollars into Bermuda’s economy and there is opportunity for up to 60 additional local part-time jobs.

In a recent statement, Transport Minister Lawrence Scott said, “The news from RCI recently, serves as evidence of our commitment to not only do what we say we will do but demonstrates how we have become innovative during a time riddled with travel restrictions.

“By the end of June, when the ships arrive in Bermuda, a significant portion of the Island’s eligible population will have been vaccinated.

Screenshot from the Royal Caribbean website

cruise screenshot rci march 2021

“As part of the vaccination policy and coronavirus protocols, the Government will require eligible passengers and all crew members to be fully inoculated against the virus. Passengers under 18 years must have a negative test result.

“The Ministry of Transport will work closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure all safety protocols are in place and carefully followed. We will continue to look for innovative ways to safely invite travellers to Bermuda.

“I am hopeful that as we plan to reinvigorate the tourism industry and put Bermudians back to work, our island becomes centre stage through homeporting. Bermuda’s tourism future is bright.”

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    This is a great idea during normal times but I wonder how many BDAns will book trips on this cruise and likely bring the virus back with them.

    • Who cares says:

      Who cares? We need to get back to some form or normal! I’m definitely going and will worry about COVID later!

    • sage says:

      Probably the same ones who did when this first started.

  2. 2020 Won says:

    I wonder if they will be offering onboard services to allow passengers to update their wills.

  3. smile says:

    First Cruise isn’t until June 26th. If Bermudians work together we have the ability to have Herd immunity in Bermuda through vaccinations by then and the spread of virus will no longer be an issue.

    If you want to help provide Bermudians Jobs and want Covid restrictions to disappear quickly – get vaccinated and encourage your friends and family to as well!!

    We can get to the other side this current discomfort if we all get our jabs and work together to get our island opened back up.

    • Portia says:

      You are misinformed. The vaccine cannot, and will not, lead to herd immunity, because it does not make you immune to COVID. You can STILL catch the virus after the jab, and STILL transmit it to others. Only the natural immune system can provide any sort of real immunity to the virus. Plus, you will never have 70% of the population vaccinated because children can’t get the jab and there are many, many adults (including those in the healthcare profession) who are refusing it, which is their right.

      You are naive if you think restrictions will disappear and jobs will open up if we all just get the jab. That is just the carrot they dangle from the stick. The restrictions are not going to lift even if you get the vaccine, because they know it can still spread, that’s why you have officials saying “Oh you still have to wear a mask” and “You still have to socially distance”. Despite mass vaccinations of millions of people, many places are STILL locking down. Ask yourself why.

      It’s about control. Governments don’t give up control once it’s taken, until the PEOPLE take it back. You want to know when jobs will come back, when restrictions will lift? When the people stand up and say “Enough”.

      • Coops says:

        We currently use Pfizer vaccine which is approved for 16 and older. 11 and older are now being given the vaccine in a smaller doses in Isreal already on what has tested as safe so far. Children 11 and up that contract new strains were given vaccine in Isreal which help with symptoms as new variant is harder on younger people then previous.
        You are absolutely right. The vaccine is to protect you from getting sick. The reason you want to get to 80% is to protect the most vulnerable 80% believing that 20% will not be critical. It is a pretty safe estimate. At that point you almost want people to catch Covid. The vaccine makes it possible to get to herd immunity safer. But you need full antibodies before that is possible. And even then Covid can get into your system. The antibodies will just kill it that much faster then the vaccine to reduce spread even more. The vaccine has also shown that it reduces time significantly that Covid can live in the body. But a quarantine should still be in place. Places like Cayman have it right. 14 day quarantine for those without and 7 day for those with as normal time to kill seems to be 3-5 days, so they are playing it safe with 7. They said they will go to 0 day when they reach 80% vaccinated and remove mask policy so that people can build antibodies naturally… They put people first.
        A little correction… Bermuda medical staff (Doctors, nurses, etc) have reach 100% vaccinated in Bermuda. 96% of health professionals were vaccinated. The 4% are non medical staff such as receptionists, cleaners,etc. Do to the risk the medical society are able to layoff anyone not vaccinated as they have to treat highly vulnerable people. This was passed in Dec. 100% of all medical professionals currently working are vaccinated.

    • Can't agree more with this says:

      Let’s stop moaning about all of the personal inconvenience this is causing and be proactive and help solve the problem.

      Gez we are a country of moaners!

    • You are full of s***t says:

      What a crock! How does being vaccinated stop the spread of COVID? It does NOT! It’s idiots like you who think you can just ignore masks and social distancing because you are vaccinated! Read book dummy!