BTA On RCI Canceling Homeporting In Bermuda

May 21, 2021

Royal Caribbean’s decision to cancel is disappointing news,” the BTA said, adding that the loss “means we must double down on our marketing efforts” and also noting that Bermuda is still set to welcome the Viking cruise line.

Royal Caribbean Cancel Homeporting In Bermuda

The Royal Caribbean cruise line said, “As we return to sailing, we continue to be committed to delivering memorable vacations informed by valuable feedback from our guests and travel partners. The likelihood of cruises setting sail from the U.S. this summer is greater each day, and with that, U.S. travelers are increasingly showing a preference for more direct access to ports of departure.

“The decision has been made to cancel Vision of the Seas’ summer season from Bermuda. While we are no longer homeporting from the island nation, we still look forward to bringing our guests to Bermuda with several ships across the Royal Caribbean fleet as we have for many years. As we get back to cruising, our close partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and the Bermuda Tourism Authority is still focused on working toward the common goal of getting the community back on its feet by helping revive local tourism.”

Bermuda Tourism Authority Statement

BTA CEO Charles Jeffers II said, “Royal Caribbean’s decision to cancel is disappointing news. Our team has worked for months alongside the government to develop a thoughtfully considered homeporting programme.

“Still, the loss means we must double down on our marketing efforts and continue to promote extended on-island stays for passengers. This is not the end of the road. Bermuda is open for business.

“This Friday, Bermuda will welcome crew from Viking Ocean Cruises in preparation for the launch on June 15. The good news is that there has been significant demand for the eight-day Bermuda cruises.

“The Orion will visit the City of Hamilton, St George’s, and the Royal Naval Dockyard, bringing affluent cruisers keen to explore what Bermuda has to offer. Our retailers, attractions, and experience providers stand ready to the summer season.”

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  1. Dejavu says:

    So the government never actually had a contract with Royal lmao…How did you let them promote homeporting in bermuda on their website and then just cancel the deal when they didn’t need us anymore lmao… of course you didn’t let them because you never actually had a contract with them in the first place. So it begs the question does the tourism board actually know what they are doing?

  2. trufth says:

    How will cruisers be getting their Days 4, 8 and 14 tests?

    They will be wandering around the island on their 3 stops so certainly they must be tested like all other tourists and locals.

  3. itsnowonder says:

    Did Viking cruise ship Orion arrive today? There’s no report on it arriving.