Video: Police Press Conference On Shooting

March 31, 2021

[Updated] The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] is holding a press conference this afternoon [March 31] to provide an update on the investigation into yesterday afternoon’s shooting in St George’s which resulted in a 22-year-old man being injured.We will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 15-minute replay is below

Update 4.50pm: Detective Sergeant Jason Smith [Serious Crime Unit] said, “Approximately 2:50pm yesterday afternoon 30th March 2021, the Bermuda Police Service received several 911 calls reporting that there had been a shooting in the area of St. George – in particular this park – which is off of York Street.

“Officers responded to the incident, where they later discovered that the victim of the shooting had left in a motorcar and had been taken to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

“On arrival at the scene, speaking with several persons in the area, it was established that the shooting took place in Somers Park and it was reported that a suspect jumped over a wall, confronted the victim who was sitting on a bench, and began to shoot at him.

“The victim was shot multiple times before he was taken to the hospital. The investigation has also revealed that the suspect left the same way that he came – back over the wall, onto York Street.

“We know from the investigation that there were two persons on a motorbike and they came to this particular area from the direction of the Unfinished Church; they rode down towards Somers Supermart where they made a left turn and the suspect jumped off the back of the bike, committed the shooting and jumped back on the bike that was waiting.

“We are also aware that the victim had been working in this area at the time of the shooting and he had been here most of the day, that morning.

“The Bermuda Police Service is particularly interested in speaking with persons in this area who might have witnessed this shooting and in particular, we are looking for suspects who are described as follows:

  • The passenger of the bike that I described earlier – he is described as wearing a black helmet with a dark visor. He had on a hooded jacket, that was dark coloured and he also had on particular white sneakers.
  • The rider of the bike was dressed in all black and he appeared to be wearing black gloves and also had on a helmet.

“We are also interested in those persons that live along the route we believe the bike took, who have CCTV in their possession, to make contact with us so that we can trace the movements of this particular motorcycle and these two suspects.

“Fortunately for the victim, he is recovering in hospital in stable condition and his injuries are not considered to be life threatening.

“At the scene there was certain forensic evidence that was found, that is assisting us with our investigations and we are continuing our appeal to the public for your assistance, to make contact with us.

“The Senior Investigating Officer in charge of this investigation is Detective Sergeant Dean Martin and he can be reached at 717-2074.

“I will now invite the Minister of National Security to make her remarks.”

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