Payments Of $1500 For Three Week Closure

March 20, 2021

“All affected employees of businesses that are unable to open will receive payments up to a maximum of $1500 this week, which will cover the 3 weeks of closure,” Premier David Burt said, adding that “affected businesses will be eligible for grants to cover expenses and overheads.”

The Premier’s comments were made as the Government announced that stricter regulations will take effect at 6am on Sunday [March 21] including a curfew time of 11pm until 5am; clubs and bars being prohibited from serving patrons indoors; and restaurants, bars and clubs being permitted a maximum of 6 persons at any one table.

The new regulations which will take effect at 6am on Sunday:

Copy of Covid Square march 21 2021

The statement issued tonight said, “Recognizing the potential economic impact of these changes, Premier David Burt indicated that he had asked the Minister of Finance to renew the supplementary unemployment benefit support for affected workers.”

The Premier said, “All affected employees of businesses that are unable to open will receive payments up to a maximum of $1500 this week, which will cover the 3 weeks of closure. Any affected businesses will be eligible for grants to cover expenses and overheads as was done by the BEDC in December.”

The Premier concluded: “Our whole approach is about balance. We have to strike the right balance between protecting the Island and keeping this economy open, and moving towards recovery. We can and must do both. The actions we are taking today are proactive, and this pandemic has shown that early action prevents longer periods of restrictions.

“The highly contagious UK strain, which is the source of this outbreak, must be met with early action, and that is the action we are taking today. The restrictions announced today will be in effect for at least three weeks. I continue to salute the people of Bermuda who have summoned the inner strength to meet the demands of these unique times.”

This comes as the island has experienced a surge in confirmed Covid-19 cases with almost 50 new cases in the past four days; 16 new today, 6 new yesterday, 18 the day before, and 7 new cases the day prior to that.

A look at the line chart of our active cases, which have now increased to 68 as of this evening:

Screenshot active cases march 20 2021

covid-19 divider 1

As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Question says:

    Paid for by the 1diots at that party, right?

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh that is nice. $1500 should barely cover social insurance & medical insurance.

    Is the employer with a closed business expected to cover their share of that?

  3. What needs to happen is deal with those that break the law to set a president

  4. Let's Keep It Real says:

    Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any allowances made for those that are vaccinated. This would have been a prime opportunity to create an incentive for persons to become vaccinated. Everyone that is vaccinated should have proof of their vaccination.

    DB….” I continue to salute the people of Bermuda………..”. Let’s start rewarding and not saluting.

  5. Golde Playpen says:

    Where’s this money coming from aren’t we already billions in debt? It’s pretty self evident that this virus is not going anywhere and we need to learn to live with it. Of those who do get infected very few actually die so at some point we have to get on with life. Those who are at higher respiratory risk just have to take necessary precautions as they would any other medical risk. Vaccines are no guarantee if this mutates like the flu, folks have been dieting from pneumonia since time began so there is nothing new here. Iromically, globally more people are dieing from suicide, financial stress and isolation than ever before; is this what freedom and democracy means?

    • trufth says:

      You aren’t wrong. I agree, at some point the world is going to have to agree to live with this and come up with a way to do that. You will never convince 100% of the world’s population to take the “vaccine” so stop wasting time pushing it. Let’s figure out the end game and work towards that. It’s time to get on with life. The collateral damage is starting to outweigh the actual damage. It. Is. Time.