Premier David Burt Positive For Coronavirus

April 11, 2021

[Updated with video] Premier David Burt confirmed tonight that he has “tested positive for a coronavirus infection,” and fortunately the Premier, who noted he is ‘immunized,’ is feeling fine, and his family has tested negative and he is isolating from them.

Speaking at tonight’s press conference, Premier David Burt said, “You are used to seeing me at these press conferences from the Cabinet Office, but there is a reason why I’m joining remotely today – and that I because I recently tested positive for a coronavirus infection. I was a very low level positive due to the fact that my immune system can recognise the virus due to the vaccine, and I have had no symptoms whatsoever.

“It was my 5th test in 3 weeks. On Good Friday my entire family tested negative so it was quite a shock – especially as we’ve been extra cautious, but it is a shock experienced by many. Thankfully they have all tested negative again and they are quarantining while I am isolating from them as required by law.

“I am fine, and thankfully because I have been immunised, I have no fear, but it is a reminder to all of us that we cannot be too careful – and we should avail ourselves of the testing that is available and make sure we protect ourselves.

“This virus is not a hoax, it is real. It has impacted the world, it has impacted our island, it has impacted families, it has impacted our national psyche. However there is one thing that it has not impacted – and that is this Government’s determination to see this country through.”

“Unlike other countries, we have enough vaccine to get this country to Herd Immunity, we will accelerate our vaccination programme, and we will salvage our peak tourism season. Just like we set a goal to administer 38,000 vaccine doses by the end of March, I have no doubt that we will meet the goal of herd immunity by the end of May. ”

Update 11.13pm: The Premier tweeted, “I tested positive for Covid-19 and I am in isolation. But, because I was vaccinated, I had no symptoms at all and I feel fine. Vaccines save lives. Please register to help #Bermuda get to herd immunity by the end of May.” He also provided this link to register:

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    The Premier is vaccinated but gets infected and tests positive. The current surge is due to bad behavior according the The Premier, so what was his bad behavior? He tests positive but has no symptoms, so how many other positives are similar and Bermuda is being locked down for people with either no symptoms or a cough. Proof the Government has no idea how to get Bermuda out of this situation.

    • lol says:

      And what vote your party in who the people gave only 5 sests and 1 jet gate. Na dont think so the ubpers cant even manage a titty milk farm let alone the voters.

      • saud says:

        What does that even say?

        Do you speak English?

        Real, true, born Bermudians do….where are you from?

    • Blackmagic says:

      Clearly your just against the PLP. Wouldn’t you think he may have caught it from the ignorant people that haven’t adhering to the all the restrictions. Ringmaster has all the answers and has been through this before which is why he knows how to get us out of this. I have never seen you come with an idea to help. I haven’t even seen or heard from the OBA. You should go sit down with your OBA friends and come up with a plan. PLP do it every week, then implement it.

      • Ringmaster says:

        Let’s set the record straight., I don’t have all the answers and do not support any political party. Next, I have been saying for months that returning residents have to be securely quarantined, not the so called “mobile” quarantine. The Government was warned about the more virulent strain, and warned Bermuda, yet did nothing to control it. Now they are thinking about border controls. In 2 months cruise ships are scheduled to load up with hundreds of vaccinated passengers, who will mix with locals, yet the Premier is in isolation having tested positive and being vaccinated. What magic vaccination do cruise ship passengers have to prevent them testing positive? Explain how Bermuda will have herd immunity in 2 months and the virus will be history. The announcement of a shut down was a misinformed and badly thought out knee jerk reaction to show the PLP are doing something, so shut down all businesses. Let’s see how well that works out.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        You mean like Zane and Titty Milk? Wonder how many others in the inner sanctum don’t believe the rules apply to them?

        Why do the OBA need to come up with a plan? As I’m constantly reminded 30-6. The PLP own this, they own the perilous states of the economy. 20 years of abject failure.

        • Ja says:

          The only plan the oppostion came up with was to switch names from UBP to obaubpers.

          • sandgrownan says:

            How is that even remotely relevant?

            This is a PLP induced mess.

        • LOL (original) says:

          So they can at least appear a credible opposition!

          LOL imagine voting for a party just because. Personally I want to know what I’m voting for at least the PLP are clear about what they are about. The Oba has a marketing and public relations problem waiting for voters to come to them instead of inspiring people to look at them as viable.

          • sandgrownan says:

            That I agree with, even though it’s not relevant here.

          • saud says:

            you’re right.
            The PLP are not ashamed of being homophobic and xenophobic.
            Dunning-Kruger wins again.

      • Double S says:

        Just because they come up and implement a plant, doesn’t mean it is a sensible or effective one. Hence our current position.

    • Laughable says:

      So let me get this right?? So an asymptomatic person that has no symptoms is a super spreader with a high grade of virus and being treated like germ criminals but David has no symtoms just like an unvaccinated asymptomatic person but because he’s been vaccinated suddenly it makes it ok because he has a low grade??? WTF!!
      This is straight up bS. Only a fool can’t see through this crap

  2. Stay Safe says:

    Mr. Premier, I hope that you stay well and it is my hope that since you took the step and got vaccinated to protect yourself and family, that it does not transfer to your loved ones and that you do not suffer any symptoms. Try to get a little extra rest and thank you for all that you do for our country. No one wants stay at home, you included. But at some point you will have to make some tough decisions if so many won’t get vaccinated.

    • How? says:

      And how did me get it? No mention of that? Maybe attended a party or a mixer outside of his family as they are negative? Had to get it from someone and he don’t do grocery shopping so?

  3. lol says:

    And what vote your party in who the people gave only 5 sests and 1 jet gate. Na dont think so the ubpers cant even manage a titty milk farm let alone the voters.

  4. Me says:

    A low level? U got it or not. So its true that even if u take all precautions u might still get it. I’ve been immunized so i have no fear, i haven’t and i still have no fear. If u feel the expiremental drug is going to save u, take it, but stop pushing it onto other people because it clearly stops nothing. They said they will give less stats, because we want to know whats the ratio of people who have had the jab and are still catching it. If the virus runs 14 days why we closing for 7? SailGP i bet. Um for d plp but stop following the world and think outside the box. Quote stats for hope not fear. Whose paying for my business being closed, i needa see a 7 day credit on my insurance for car bike business and taxes

  5. Low COVID says:

    Premier does not have COVID he has a low COVID

    Now back to work

    • Medium Positive or Negative Positive says:

      Good day Low COVID,

      Please join the grocery line today before curfew and please wear your mask so that you avoid the risk of contracting the new variants or measures that we now learned of last night called

      a) Low Covid

      b) Medium Covid

      c) High Covid

      then you have the Brazilian variants, UK variants, the original COVID from Wanchooo Province

      Wishing everyone well, no matter what type of COVID you have an hoping we all can get our for 24th May especially those vaccinated with the low low low Covid

  6. Mark says:

    Under investigation – for probably a month!!

  7. Do as I say says:

    I am sorry that the premier has picked up the dreaded disease. Quite clearly he has not been following the ministry of health rules. Wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart, washing the hands and not touching the face.

  8. Common Sense says:

    The selling point of the vaccine is that vaccinated people will not get ill and will not need hospital treatments if they end up testing positive. Therefore if everyone was vaccinated no-one would get sick with this virus which would no longer be virulent. Obviously the problem is getting everyone vaccinated.

    • Ringmaster says:

      The open question has to be why the Premier, who had no symptoms, had 6 tests before a positive. Was he wanting a positive so he can lock down the Island? If it took 6 tests to get a positive, on a vaccinated person, why are unvaccinated travelers released after 3 tests? No wonder there is spread and this in not 20/20 hindsight but common sense. Why doesn’t anyone in the press conferences ask the simple questions, and when fobbed off don’t say thank you but stay with the question until it is answered? Where is the Opposition? Bermuda has become a Dictatorship.

      • In Mark's Opinion says:

        The whole world has become a dictatorship because most people think like slaves. Governments around the world are acting like they own people and this will not end until people stop living in fear of media programming. We have had pandemics every year, which is the flu.