Dunkley: We Call On Govt To Change Policy

June 18, 2021

“The One Bermuda Alliance is calling on the Bermuda Government to change its mind on preventing unvaccinated Bermudians who do not pay for the mandatory quarantine in a Government facility to return to the island, as stated in the press conference on Tuesday June 15th by Minister Wilson,” Shadow Minister of Health Michael Dunkley said.

MP Michael Dunkley said, “Is this even constitutional? It is indeed a very sad and concerning day when the Government blocks Bermudians from returning home.

“The OBA has made its position clear in that we do not support residents having to pay for the quarantine in a Government facility, but the thought of leaving them stranded in another country because they cannot afford or will not pay thousands of dollars when they can quarantine in their homes is draconian.

“While the OBA supports the vaccination scheme in Bermuda, one cannot ignore the fact that vaccinations have become a contentious issue and the divide is growing steadily between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

“How can Premier Burt allow this to happen? This policy as it stands is not in the best interest of Bermudians who are already struggling to survive during this pandemic. This only makes things worse and it needs to be rescinded immediately.”

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website BermudaCovid.com, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. itsnowonder says:

    Let the unvaccinated quarantine at home with stiff penalties for breaching. First offence:$25,000 fine. If they have visitors:$25,000 fine. second offense 1 year in jail.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “The OBA has made its position clear in that we do not support residents having to pay for the quarantine in a Government facility,”

    First of all, the hotels are not “a Government facility”, they are a “controlled” facility. If you let people go home on the honour system then some will not honour the system. We know this from what happened in April of this year.

    Is the OBA really advocating a return to hundreds of new cases and a doubling of the death toll in Bermuda?

    • iyiyi says:

      OBA is just a waste of space !

    • K says:

      I don’t understand how you people do not see anything wrong with the fact that unvaccinated people and vaccinate people are being treated differently when both can contract, carry, and pass the vaccine. Is there a study that shows that unvaccinated people are more prone to breaking quarantine rules? No! Than why in the world are they the only ones being supervised and coerced into this mandate. You are not even trying to understand and it’s sad.

      • Andrew says:

        Lets try to explain this AGAIN….the vaccine helps the body fight off the virus. If a vaccinated person tests positive, their viral load is far lower so much less likely to get sick, and to pass on to others. Yes its possible, but much less likely than non vaccinated people. Choices have consequences. No one is forced to get vaccinated, but don’t complain if there are consequences of that choice.

        • Otrwele says:

          Your science makes no sense . This is straight up segregation!
          If a vaccinated person test positive on arrival still will have to quarantine 14 days stupid! If your science is so fool proof then why have to quarantine at all?? Oh sorry because it doesn’t work stupid!! So the point that’s being made is that how is it that and vaccinated person is more trust worthy than an unvaccinated person to quarantine at home??? You can’t prove that. And stop blowing sunshine up your a$$ thinking that your a better citizen because of it . Because your not. Your all tyrants! It’s a shame so many have been beguiled by this BS . So sad but it’s your choice to be vaccinated too . Only time will tell.

          • Andrew says:

            Easy there! not so much anger. Did i not say that a vaccinated person can still catch the virus, however less likely than someone not vaccinated? And did I not say that if caught, a vaccinated person could still possibly spread the virus? Look around the world, the vaccine is obviously working. Saying they don’t work is plain silly.

            Vaccinated people are less likely to catch and spread the virus so therefore can enjoy less stringent quaratine rules, as is being proven every day.. Its nothing to do with who is more trustworthy lol. Take the vax…dont take the vax. Just Stop whining about the consequences of the choice, whatever it may be.

            • Ottwele says:

              I never have and I never will contract your virus . With or without your vaccine. All this is doing is causing a second class citizenship that you support obviously. Because it suits your choice. not signing up to be a Puppet should not be a penalty. There should be no such consequences for my choice. You just prefer it that way. Especially because When contracting or spreading a virus isn’t a deliberate act. There is nothing criminal about my choice. So I’m not whining . I’m defending myself against draconian dictators like you. Now that’s real!

            • smh says:

              You are still not grasping the point ANDREW. If two people, unvaccinated and vaccinated can carry and pass the virus they should each be able to quarantine at their home – unless their is a study out there that says unvaccinated people do not comply with laws. WHAT ARE YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING?

              Just say that you think that people should be forced or coerced into taking the vaccine and move on.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Or maybe it’s you who’s not trying to understand .
        It would be interesting to know how many of the people at the core of the super spreader events , those people who returned to Bda infected and then broke quarantine and roamed everywhere , have since gotten themselves vaccinated .

  3. Eyes says:

    Once Government sets up the casinos, it will get all the money it needs to devour. There is NO NEED to charge (BLEED) the poorest on the Island for these unsightly hotel bills for two weeks. I leave the island every time to stay with friends or a reasonable hospitality property. I DON’T do it here! Too expensive. Most of the time I travel for health reasons. Health costs a lot, NOT a two week premium Hotel Stay in Bermuda!