Golf Lessons For Concierge, Front Desk Workers

June 1, 2021

Kim Swan Bermuda June 2021The Port Royal Golf Developmental Program, headed by Kim Swan, will be offering free golf coaching for industry concierge and front desk service providers.

A spokesperson said, “In celebration of 50 years of public golf, Port Royal Golf Developmental Program, headed by teaching golf professional Kim Swan, will be offering free golf clinics for industry concierge and front desk service providers.”

Mr. Swan said, “It’s time to organize your group of four and reach out.

“The promotion is aimed particularly at hotel concierge, front desk, and tour operators who are on the frontline interacting with our guests daily.

“The more familiar they are with the game of golf, the easier it will be for them interacting with golf enthusiasts.

“We plan to accept small groups of four and provide group clinics; the session will observe health and safety protocols. We invite interested industry partners to email to book an appointment.“

The spokesperson said, “The outreach is in celebration of Port Royal Golf Course’s 50th year of operation. The trustees, management, and staff past and present have enjoyed being the flagship public golf course in Bermuda.

“Affordable to all, and one that carried forward the legacy of promoting diversity and inclusion by bringing persons together from all walks of life together in the spirit of the great game of golf.

“We want the concierge, front desk staff, and tour operators selling our facility to know us and our staff, so the golf clinic will also include a tour of our clubhouse and course.

“No need to worry about equipment such as golf clubs and practice balls, and golf coaching will all be free to the concierge and front desk industry service providers during this important time of restarting our tourism industry.

“Interested persons should contact Mr Swan by email to register at

“Golf is an important part of Bermuda’s tourism product and it is incumbent upon us to have as many persons working within the industry dealing directly with the game, golf literate and familiar with the product they are selling.

“In addition, golf encourages persons and our tourists to enjoy the great outdoors in Bermuda, with its unmatched views. We feel strongly that the more people that appreciate and enjoy by experiencing what we have, the better.”

Mr. Swan said, “This offer is a way for me give back to the sport I owe my life to – to help grow the game by directly exposing more persons to the game of golf and our beloved Port Royal.

“History is revealing that Port Royal Golf Course and Ocean View before it have made a huge impact on the development of Bermuda economically, socially, racially, and culturally as a tourism product that allowed our visitors to enjoy the sport they love with our Bermudian people.

“It is in that good spirit of fellowship that we offer free golf coaching for concierge, front desk workers, and tour operators, and we invite them to contact us at Port Royal.”

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