Gurret Exhibits Land Art At Lanzarote Festival

July 9, 2021

Artist Nicky Gurret is exhibiting internationally at the Lanzarote Festival, which is taking place in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

A spokesperson said, “Nicky Gurret, an artist of various mediums, has this month exhibited internationally with her land art at the Lanzarote Festival, whose theme this year is Distance. The festival takes place in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands and opened on July 1st 2021.

“This year, most of the festival is virtual due to Covid-19, however there are a few live events. Ms Gurret was contacted by the festival organisers and asked to submit a piece for the festival. Ms Gurret’s piece is called ‘Trying to Reach Lanzrote from Bermuda.’”

In her artist statement, Ms. Gurret said, “The idea to express distance from Bermuda to Lanzarote was to find the direction that Lanzarote is from Bermuda and create three large arrows that head in the direction from Bermuda, in case one of the arrows gets lost in The Bermuda Triangle.

“I went to Horseshoe Bay Beach, one of Bermuda’s largest and most beautiful beaches, on an overcast windy day in the afternoon to create the piece of beach art at low tide. Also in the beach art is not only the direction one must travel in a strait line to Lanzarote, but the distance in miles: 3018. Maybe one day I will get there now that I know where to find it.”

The spokesperson said, “Ms Gurret founded both The Bermuda Beach Art Festival, which she ran for six years, and the Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition, which she ran for 21 years. She is an avid artist in various media and most recently in Bermuda created the Bermudiana Art Installation with 200 Bermudiana Flowers for Freedom Square, which will shortly be dismantled.

“Her piece ‘Trying to Reach Lanzrote from Bermuda’ can be found on the Lacuna Festival website at and is located in virtual galleries in Artsteps and Flickr, in the ‘A to B’ galleries.

“Her ‘Field of Bemudiana’ art installation can be seen in front of City Hall on Nellie’s Walk. Her book titled Beach Art, Bermuda Therapy, which was published last year, can be purchased on”

Land Art By Nicky Gurret Bermuda July 2021 1

Land Art By Nicky Gurret Bermuda July 2021 2

Land Art By Nicky Gurret Bermuda July 2021 3

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