Minister Congratulates 2021 Graduating Classes

July 7, 2021

The Minister of Education Diallo Rabain congratulated the 2021 graduating classes.

Minister Rabain expressed, “To all of our 2021 graduating classes, we praise your achievements. Undoubtedly, no other graduating year group has been through as much as you have.”

“You have persevered through two academic years that have been interrupted by the pandemic yet, you have succeeded in meeting your goals. You knew and appreciated the importance of your education and let nothing get in your way, not even the unpredictability of the times you faced.”

Minister Rabain added, “The achievements of our students are a testament to their tenacity, resilience, and perseverance. Over the last two [2] academic years, many students expressed that they felt like giving up. They faced educational stresses from remote learning and the uncertainty of whether their school building would reopen. They also faced personal stressors at home as their parents faced uncertainty with work.”

“Despite the times they faced, our BPSS students accomplished amazing feats. They are to be commended for finding the strength within themselves and pushing through even when they did not feel like they could.”

“We know through research, evidence and anecdotal stories that no student reaches this milestone alone. The Ministry and Department of Education staff; school boards; principals; teachers; support staff; parents and guardians; students; volunteers; and community partners all helped our students reach this milestone.

“Whether it be knowledge, encouraging words, donations, time or motivating incentives, our public school students have a village supporting them. To the village that has supported the graduating classes of 2021, thank you and their achievements are your achievements as well.”

Minister Rabain concluded, “The Ministry of Education has embarked on the most ambitious but also necessary education reform journey. We know that as the times have changed, so must how we educate our children. They must be prepared for the jobs of the future.

“It is for their future that we work so hard. By preparing our students for the future world of work, the Government’s vision for the Bermuda Public School System is to see all students educated to lead personally and professionally, compete locally, and contribute globally will be realised. This vision guides our decisions and forward progress so that we may ensure the graduating classes to come are even more successful than the last.”

“To all of our Bermuda Public School System students, your country is proud of you, and we encourage you to continue to push forward towards your dreams and goals.”

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