OUTBermuda Launches Stakeholder Survey

July 28, 2021

OUTBermuda is asking its stakeholders to “submit feedback on how the charity and its board are doing and what they can do better” via a survey.

A spokesperson said, “OUTBermuda is reflecting on another successful renewal of its Registered Charity status; the Registry General in Bermuda renewed the charity’s status through to 14 July 2024.”

Adrian Hartnett-Beasley, Chairperson, said, “We’ve learned so much as a charity since 2015, but we are looking to the future – we have so much more work to do and we’re excited to get going.”

The spokesperson said, “OUTBermuda reported that it has engaged the non profit consulting team at Wavecrest to assist their board in measuring its successes and growth areas and to plan for the charity’s future – including reviewing the governance structure, programs, community engagement/education, communication and potentially hiring its first employee.”

Jameka Smith, one of the board members, said, “To do this, we need stakeholder feedback on how we are doing and what we can do better – this is a genuine effort at making our programs more effective and for our decisions to have more integrity.”

The spokesperson said, “The charity is asking all stakeholders [the Bermuda LGBTQI+ community and allies] to submit feedback on how the charity and its board are doing and what they can do better.”

Jameka Smith said, “The survey is completely anonymous but will give us important information on how best to serve our community and will assist us towards the next stage in OUTBermuda’s evolution.”

The spokesperson said, “The survey is found here and OUTBermuda is asking for lots of feedback.

“OUTBermuda further reported on a number of successful initiatives over the past few months including the delivery of nearly 300 books to 55 libraries across the island for various ages, reading levels and development and across various themes, each with an emphasis on inclusion, gender, religion, race, age, sexual orientation, ability.”

Zakiya Johnson Lord said, “The goal was to create a space for books to provide a glimpse into one’s own identity, or into experiences and identities that may be different from one’s own. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with gratitude and thanks pouring in from leaders, librarians and directors.”

Adrian Hartnett-Beasley said, “We particularly wish to thank the many parents, teachers and overall supporters of this effort, who took the time to hand deliver bags of books to schools and institutions on our behalf and, indeed, Kristin White, whose counsel was invaluable in choosing the titles.”

The spokesperson said, “In support of its ongoing work, the charity is asking for the community to sign up and provide their contact information so OUTBermuda will be able to communicate with their stakeholders more effectively.”

Steven Boyce, another board member, said, “Some of our initial stakeholder feedback included that we have not been communicating enough and telling the story of our charity very well, so we are asking for help in growing our new relationship management database so we can better focus what information gets to the public in the way they would like it.”

Zakiya Johnson Lord said, “While we’d like to get to know all our stakeholders better, only a couple of the fields are mandatory, so individuals can share what they like. Obviously, if someone tell us she would like to get contacted by Whatsapp, she will need to give us her mobile number.”

The spokesperson said, “The contact link is found here.”

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