BPBA Juniors, Jet Ski & PowerBoats Results

August 30, 2021

The Bermuda Power Boat Association season resumed at Ferry Reach this weekend.

In the Junior Division, Trystan Hocking, and Jauza James both won two races each, while Dakari White won both JetSki races.

David Selley and John Harrison won the A Class in the Power Boats, while the B Class was won by Bobby DeCosta and Justin Linda.

D Class honors went to Shawn Butterfield and Jermal Woolridge, with Deric Seymour and Shaki Easton claiming the S Class.

Juniors: Heat 1 – Group A

1st – Jauza James
2nd – Jonah Moniz
3rd – Shawn Bremar

Juniors: Heat 1 – Group B

1st – Santiago Roe
2nd – Trystan Hocking
3rd – Isabel Roe

Juniors: Heat 2 – Group A

1st – Jonah Moniz
2nd – Shawn Bremar
3rd – Jauza James

Juniors: Heat 2 – Group B

1st – Trystan Hocking
2nd – Isabel Roe
3rd – Santiago Roe

Juniors: Heat 3 – Group A

1st – Jauza James
2nd – Shawn Bremar
3rd – Jonah Moniz

Juniors: Heat 3 – Group B

1st – Trystan Hocking
2nd – Santiago Roe
3rd – Jonah Moniz

Jet Skis: Heat 1

1st – Dakari White
2nd – Dalton White
3rd – Dean Simmons

Jet Skis: Heat 2

1st – Dakari White
2nd – Dean Simmons
3rd – Jahlae Raynor
4th – Andre Bailey there

Senior Class – Offshore: A class

1st – A29 David Selley & John Harrison

Senior Class – Offshore: B Class

1st – B3 Bobby DeCosta & Justin Linda
2nd – B8 Mark Selley & Jordan Fletcher [DNF]

Senior Class – Offshore: D Class

1st – D69 Shawn Butterfield & Jermal Woolridge

Senior Class – Offshore: S Class

1st – S7 Deric Seymour & Shaki Easton
2nd – S22 Henry Talbot & Andrew Cottingham [DNF]

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