Mirrors Programme Launches PeerForward

August 24, 2021

Mirrors and the Mirrors Alumni has partnered with PeerForward, a US-developed programme designed to improve college preparedness for high school students, to launch the programme in our two public high schools; The Berkeley Institute and CedarBridge Academy.

A spokesperson said, “Positive peer influence is a force present in every high school, and PeerForward has proven that harnessing influence in schools can be an effective solution to the educational equity gap. The PeerForward method guides more students to college by tapping a resource found in every single high school: influential students. It is informed by research on the key actions essential for post-secondary degree attainment.

“The Bermuda programme will launch on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, at the Berkeley Institute with our three-day peer leader workshop and advisor training. Thirty-two students from Berkeley and Cedarbridge, six advisors, four writing coaches and four college coaches will be trained to work with students over the year.

“Its’ purpose is to transform leaders to lead school-wide campaigns, college enrollment and school-specific campaigns to drive college enrollment. Training consists of personal development, campaign building, personal statement crafting, leadership practice, data collection, collaborative and growth mindset, and post-secondary planning skills. The teams will activate campaigns and services in their high schools to grow a college-going culture at both school campuses.”

Mirrors Programme Manager Kimberley Jackson indicated, “We are excited about this new programming as it seeks to provide all students with a clear post-secondary plan that is designed to start at S1 through S4. The peer-led activities are combined with a digital curriculum designed to extend best practices of creating a college-going culture to students in an easy to use flexible format.”

Mirrors Board Chair John Perinchief stated, “We are thankful to the Mirrors Alumni and corporate donors for sponsoring the programme for our public schools. This programme will definitely be a spark to ignite change in college planning for all students. We cannot wait to see the students activate campaigns in their schools.”

For more information regarding volunteering for the next cycle of Mirrors programming, please contact Mirrors Programme at 294-9291 or send an email to mirrors@gov.bm for more information about the various volunteer roles.

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