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January 31, 2022 | 0 Comments

Mirrors’ PeerForward programme will be hosting a series of online information sessions called ‘Finding Funds for College’ starting tomorrow [Feb 1].

A spokesperson said, “Parents and senior school students can learn more about where and how to find the funds to pay for college and tips on managing the application processes in this series of online information sessions hosted by Mirrors/PeerForward, starting Tuesday, February 1st.

“The series, called ‘Finding Funds for College,’ will cover topics about the range of loans and scholarship options and opportunities available from organizations in Bermuda. Topics will include funding for university, vocation and trades, and internships. Scholarship awarders will share what they look for in a candidate including must have criteria verses nice-to-have.

“Scholarship recipients and their families will share their experiences and offer tips about their application processes and outcomes.”

Sandra Dill, spokesperson for Mirrors and its new PeerForward programme, said, “Parents, guardians and students are invited to the weekly Zoom sessions. Each session will feature guest speakers including scholarship recipients, lending agencies and some of Bermuda’s largest scholarship providers, including the Bermuda Government, Bermuda College, and the Centennial Bermuda Foundation.

“Finances should not be the main barrier for not going to college. We’re hosting these ‘Finding the Funds for College’ info sessions because we want to see more students from public high schools going to college and applying for the many loans and scholarships that are available.

“Collectively, scholarships awarded to students each year totals over $4 million dollars and students might be surprised at the eligibility requirements. In our experience many students don’t apply because they think they don’t meet the selection criteria when in fact, many could.”

The spokesperson said, “The ‘Finding Funds for College’ Zoom events are every Tuesday evening, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, from February 1st to March 1st. They will be interactive with a live Q&A format and everyone is welcome. Register for all, or individual sessions by calling Mirrors at 294-9291 or e-mail

“The schedule is:

  • Feb 1: Finding the Money for College
  • Feb 8: Scholarship Options and Opportunities
  • Feb 15: Funding for Trades/Vocational Education
  • Feb 22: Government Scholarships
  • Mar 1: Centennial Bermuda Foundation Scholarship

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