Bus And Ferry Service “Will Be Interrupted”

September 20, 2021

Bus and ferry service “will be interrupted” tomorrow [Sept 21], the Ministry has confirmed, with the ferry service the latest to be impacted, with the bus service having been suspended since Friday.

A spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Transport has advised that bus and ferry service will be interrupted tomorrow, 21 September 2021.

“This evening, the Department of Marine and Ports Services BIU staff sent notice that they will be withdrawing their labour tomorrow due to health and safety concerns at work.

“Last week, the BIU Bus Division raised concerns regarding health and safety standards in the workplace. Discussions were held over the weekend and again today; however, there is no agreement between BIU and the Department of Public Transportation [DPT]

“The Ministry of Transport remains fully committed to ensuring the safest possible environment for DPT and M&P staff and will continue the sanitisation practices and safety measures required under the Covid protocols and guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

“The Ministry will keep the public updated with any further changes to the bus and ferry schedules. We appreciate the public’s patience as we navigate our way through this pandemic.

“Lastly, each of us has a role to play in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Please follow Public Health guidelines, wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene, maintain physical distance and download the WeHealth Bermuda App,’ the statement added.

The public transportation system is one of multiple services and businesses impacted by the record high active Covid cases, as with over 1500 currently active, thousands more in quarantine, parents having challenges as public school buildings are not open as remote learning is in place, multiple services are being affected.

Other services that have been impacted include, but are not limited to, the Accountant-General cashiers in the Government Administration Building is closed this week, reduced services in the Courts, some post office deliveries have been impacted, some residential garbage may go uncollected due to staffing shortages, as well as a range of closures of businesses in the private sector.

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You can find more information on the links below from our dedicated website BermudaCovid.com, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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Comments (9)

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  1. Wow says:

    So it’s a strike / industrial inaction / downing tools and NOT because too many employees are out with covid.

    Let’s make sure that’s clear.

    I’ve never heard of a group that works this hard to not have to work.

    • Hey says:

      They look forward to it each year. They know industrial action is always a day away.

  2. Question says:

    The unvaccinated suddenly realizing their ‘natural immunity’ ain’t worth sh t.

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    “This evening, the Department of Marine and Ports Services BIU staff sent notice that they will be withdrawing their labour tomorrow due to health and safety concerns at work.”

    Health and safety “concerns” are not a valid reason to withdraw labour. Call this what it is, an illegal strike.

  4. Tt says:

    One of the two services that don’t generate enough income to even break even always on some nonsense. Do people a favor and just stay home indefinitely, an alternative will come up out of necessity. Before its too late and no one can afford a slice of bread in this country.

  5. Former Union Member says:

    Service “will be interrupted”…how is that different from “suspended”? How convenient to have a pandemic coincide with a Union illegal strike. I have to work, why don’t they?

  6. Confused says:

    Is a strike or covid?. Are they being paid for striking? Are people going to get their money back for the $69 bus passes they paid for? A taxi to and from work every day adds up. We want the truth.

  7. comfortably numb says:

    And where is the former Jet Blue gate agent turned Minister of Transport? Is he emulating the style of his boss, the invisible one?