Chromebooks Distributed To P3 – P6 Students

September 27, 2021

The Ministry and Department of Education announced that “all primary schools distributed Chromebooks to P3, P4, P5, and P6 students the week of September 13th.”

The Minister of Education Diallo Rabain said, “The provision of Chromebooks was made possible by a very generous donation from the Hasso Plattner Foundation. This international foundation aims to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies through science and education.”


“A Chromebook is assigned to a student for the duration of the time that they spend at the Primary School level. It is to be used for in-person learning; during remote learning; and for assignments that are to be completed at home.

“The Chromebook may also be used during summer learning programmes. Students are also expected to log on to Schoology each morning and it is the Department’s goal for every BPSS teacher to become highly skilled in the use of Schoology.”


“To support our BPSS teachers, this summer teachers were offered Professional Development in the Schoology Blended Learning Programme. Blended Learning is a combination of face-to-face and online learning. The face-to-face time happens in class where students have direct access to the teacher.

“Online learning can be done at school or at home. Blended learning lessons contain three parts: in-person learning, online learning, and independent study time, which can all be combined differently. In a blended learning setting or hybrid classroom, students shift away from the traditional classroom and begin to focus on how the technology can enhance the learning.”


Minister Rabain added, “In addition to our Primary 3-6 students receiving Chromebooks, I am happy to share that two Primary 1 teachers from Elliot Primary and Purvis Primary, who participated in the training over the summer have also received Chromebooks for their students. This will help them to directly apply the knowledge gained over the summer into their daily practices with their students.”


“Students are expected to use their Chromebooks responsibly by exercising care when using and handling it, and storing it in a place at home that will prevent any damage. All parents/guardians were required to sign a contract before a Chromebook was issued.”


“While the use of technology brings certain advantages, there are also disadvantages that are possible as well. To combat inappropriate use of the Chromebooks and to protect our students, our IT team has implemented necessary systems which are able to monitor the daily use of approved websites and use web-based tools to block sites that are not approved.”


Minister Rabain concluded, “Once again I would like to thank the Hasso Plattner Foundation for their generous contribution and encourage potential donors to invest in Bermuda’s future, our youth.”

“Also, to the Department of Education’s IT Team, thank you for the procurement, delivery, and maintenance of these devices. Parents/guardians, if you are in need of technical support, please call the Department’s IT Help Desk at 278-3395 or email”


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