Single-Use Plastics Public Consultation Extended

September 30, 2021

The Ministry of Home Affairs advised that the Single-Use Plastics [SUPs] Consultation is extended to Sunday, 31 October 2021.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Government remains committed to beginning the elimination of SUPs in Bermuda in 2022. This commitment is with explicit reference to not only the marine environment and climate change, but it is also increasingly clear of the detrimental effects of plastics on human health.

“While the importance of these links cannot be understated, solutions to the problem of SUPs are not the sole responsibility of the government. All stakeholders, including the third sector, private sector, and every resident, must play a part in reducing our dependency on SUPs.

“To that end, the public is reminded to visit the online consultation, which is available here, review the policy paper, and share their comments, suggestions, or concerns on the planned timetable and scope of the proposed legislation on regulating single-use plastics in Bermuda.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs takes this opportunity to thank all who have contributed to the consultation process thus far. Your feedback is appreciated.”

The 57 page Policy Document follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Follow the majority of countries and ban single use plastic. No consultation needed. Plant based replacements are available, put pressure on to use them.