Post Office Staff Donate Meals To KEMH Staff

October 9, 2021

World Post Day is this Saturday and Bermuda Post Office staff traditionally celebrate the day with a team building activity. This year the staff decided to pool funds and provide meals for hospital workers who have been stressed during the pandemic.

“Our team is not able to gather to celebrate this year,” said Postmaster General Sam Brangman Jr. “We still wanted to mark the day and felt it appropriate to do so by donating meals for those who work at the hospital, which has been inundated with Covid-19 patients in recent weeks.

Dean Hayward, Bermuda Post Office Delivery Post Person; Nancy Oughton, Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda General Manager; Sam Brangman Jr, Bermuda Postmaster General and R Scott Pearman, Bermuda Hospitals Board Deputy CEO

Post Office BHB Bermuda Oct 8 2021

“We know that the Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda [HAB] work tirelessly to help the hospital, and felt that we would provide these meals through a donation to their Pink Café,” he continued.

“Their General Manager Nancy Oughton was so helpful and quickly organised the whole thing. The HAB has provided 50 $10 vouchers, which we have presented to Bermuda Hospitals Board management.”

“On behalf of the management and staff of Bermuda Hospitals Board, I thank our postal workers for deciding to mark World Post Day with this thoughtful donation,” said BHB Deputy CEO R Scott Pearman.

“Our staff are grateful for your donation and those of many others in our community. We are pleased that you thought to provide this through the HAB with whom we have a very close relationship – it is akin to two donations by offering this through them. Thank you.”

“It’s our mission to provide funding for the vital needs of our hospital,” said HAB General Manager Nancy Oughton. “We thank the Bermuda Post Office staff for providing for hospital staff through our Pink Café.”

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  1. Mike Jones says:

    Good day all, whilst this is a very kind, meaningful gesture for some very deserving individuals, I really feel for some of the other frontline workers who toll through the same stress and danger without any recognition. What about the staff at the numerous nursing homes like to two Ministry of Health homes, Lefroy House and Sylvia Richardson. They do what they do with the bare minimum of equipment and facilities. Even the bare minimum of PPE’s. They too have been through as much if not more physical and emotional stress (preservation of life and coping with the loss when their residents who have transitioned as a result of the deadly disease covid which as been rampant at these facilities. It’s odd even why BHB themselves don’t recognize the commitment made by staffers there. As a consideration maybe some of these kind individuals and businesses could recognize them instead of the same facilities time after time.

    Family of a resident.