Boarding Schools Fair Set For Next Week

November 19, 2021

The annual Boarding Schools Fair Bermuda will be held on Monday, November 22 and Tuesday, November 23 at the Hamilton Princess.

A spokesperson said, “Boarding schools from the UK and Canada return to Bermuda this/next week for the annual Boarding Schools Fair Bermuda, which takes place in the Trudeau Ballroom at the Hamilton Princess on Monday 22 November and Tuesday 23 November.

“Boarding schools have continued to offer a tremendous amount of educational stability for students during the ongoing Covid pandemic; in-classroom teaching and all extra-curricular activities continue with minimum disruption, and youngsters are able to be with their friends.

“Admissions staff from 20 schools [12 from the UK and 6 from Canada] will be at the fair and look forward to meeting Bermuda families who might be interested in a boarding school education.

“The schools at the fair have opportunities for all Bermuda students: many are traditional full boarding schools for students aged 13-18; prep schools for children aged 10-13 are an option for parents who might like their children to be prepared for top senior schools. 

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“Especially attractive for many Bermuda families will be UK State Boarding Schools, which enable a British passport holder to go to boarding school at a fraction of the cost – around £15,000 per year.”

Simon Lockyer, Headmaster of the Royal Hospital School in Suffolk, said, “I’m really looking forward to visiting Bermuda. I’ve had the privilege of welcoming Bermuda pupils to my school for several years and have been so impressed at how impressively they’ve settled into school life – taking particular advantage of opportunities in Sailing, for example.”

Patrick Nobbs of Lakefield College, Ontario, said, “Of course our international families were understandably anxious about their children travelling to school, but the vast majority of them have rightly decided that boarding school is actually the best and safest place for them right now.  We are very proud that we are able to offer them just the pastoral support they need.”

The spokesperson said, “Suzanne Knight, Registrar of Sandroyd School, Dorset, is keen to remind Bermuda parents that opportunities don’t just start at 13.”

Ms. Knight said, “Many Bermuda families have realised that some children thrive, inside and outside the classroom, when they start boarding school slightly earlier.  They are able to be children and develop the academic and social skills they will need to thrive at larger and, often, very academic schools.”

The spokesperson said, “The Boarding Schools Fair is designed to showcase the choice available to Bermudians.

“The Boarding Schools Fair Bermuda takes place at the Hamilton Princess on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 November, from 4.00pm to 7.30pm. Entry is free. If you would like to learn which schools will be attending, visit

“For social distancing purposes, all visiting families must pre-register on Eventbrite and select an hour-long appointment. Face masks must be worn at all times.

“All staff from visiting schools have been Covid screened and cleared by the Bermuda Government. Safekey will be expected for all visitors”

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