Govt: Changes To Reduce Need For SafeKey

November 18, 2021

The Regulations have been amended to “allow restaurants to accept either SafeKey or a Bermuda issued vaccination certificate for those wishing to dine indoors,” and the amendment change “also removes the requirement for SafeKey at all large group gatherings,” the Government advised.

Changes To Reduce Need For SafeKey Nov 18 2021

A Government spokesperson said, “During the recent coronavirus outbreak, the Public Health [Covid-19 Emergency Powers] [Phased Re-opening] Regulations 2021 were amended to, among other things, require the use of SafeKey for indoor activities such as dining and all approved large group exemptions – whether indoors or outdoors.

“With the outbreak subsiding, the Regulations have been amended to allow restaurants to accept either SafeKey or a Bermuda issued vaccination certificate for those wishing to dine indoors. This amendment assists our seniors who may find it difficult to download a Safekey. The amendment change also removes the requirement for SafeKey at all large group gatherings.

“The Minister of Youth, Culture & Sports retains the power to impose conditions on any large group exemption and will continue to apply the conditions he deems appropriate to any approval granted.

“He has indicated SafeKey will continue to apply to indoor events and for spectators at sporting events. This is consistent with the Regulations, which currently require SafeKey to be used in several indoor venues such as restaurants, bars, clubs and gyms. The use of SafeKey continues to be encouraged at all large gatherings as a valuable mitigation measure to prevent another outbreak.”

We asked some questions seeking clarity and will update as able.

Update: On a related note, we noticed a change in conditions for large group exemptions in the latest official notices. They used to say “the use of SafeKey” is required, the latest ones issued said “the use of SafeKey or a vaccination certificate is required” — as in the ‘vaccination certificate’ part is new.

The full Public Health Amendment [No. 9] Regulations 2021 follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. Confused says:

    Why do they always word these things so that I have to stop and re-read them and then I’m still not sure what the new rules are?

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Looking at the Official Notices today, is the Minister ready for the increase infections that will undoubtedly follow these many large events eg 1,000 people at the BPSU event? The Minister says Bermuda is still in a pandemic situation so it merely highlights she is totally out of her depth. It makes no sense to have any restrictions on public day to day life if 1,000 people can gather just because they have Government permission.

  3. Guy Carri says:

    Garbage! This has changed nothing! What a smokescreen.

    Kids still not allowed to dine-in.
    Kids still forced to jump through hoops just to go to school. Something NO adult has to do to go to work or anywhere else.
    The ones least likely to suffer effects are suffering the most with these policies!
    The ones that cannot stand up for themselves have no one standing up for them.
    Change the rules as the rules need to be changed. THEY NEED TO BE CHANGED!