Photos: Read-A-Thon At Somersfield Academy

December 15, 2021

[Written by Somersfield Academy M3 Student Zarah Siddiqi]

November was a fun-filled and magical month. The Read-A-Thon was a race that took place at Somersfield Academy during November. Students were wrapped up with a book, teachers were reading all day, and everyone loved the enchanted reading race.

But what is the Read-A-Thon and why was everyone so excited about it? Every year, for about a month, Somersfield has a small tradition, you could say, called the Read-A-Thon. [Also, there’s another thing that adds so much to our special reading month. Like mentioned before, November was a magical month.] It was definitely magical in the way everyone around us was reading, but also, this year’s theme was fairytale fun – Once Upon A Time! Teachers had posters up about their favorite fairytale, students dressed up as Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and those other charming characters, and most of all, everyone had a fairylike time doing so!

Teachers, students, and everyone at our school, reads as many minutes they can, in a competition with everyone else. The reward for the class that reaches the most minutes in total [how many each student reads combined] is a pizza party which they can cash in and enjoy for their many minutes of reading. Throughout the Read-A-Thon, there is a fun activity assigned to each day! During this year’s Read-A-Thon, a couple of those fun occasions included a pajama day, book character dress up day, and a read the book, watch the movie day.

Now moving on to the question every student, teacher, and parent has been asking since the day the Read-A-Thon finished: how many minutes of reading did the whole school read? The mysteriously magical answer to that is: 402,236. Somersfield Academy read over four hundred thousand minutes last month. And about 173 students read over 1,000 minutes! I’m starting to think we students at Somersfield just can’t put the book down. And also, are people reading in their sleep? While they eat dinner? While they finish their homework? They must of been reading 24/7 to have achieved almost half a million minutes!

We love reading so much here, but what is loving something if you don’t share it? Just recently, a couple students and teachers presented books and a Bookmart gift card to school representatives at our neighboring school, Elliot Primary.

In response to the donation of books and a gift card, the Elliot Primary family said, “We the Elliot school family would like to thank the Somersfield Academy family for their heartfelt gesture. It was a joy for Mrs. Dianne Simmons and I to receive the donation of books for our students to read. Reading not only opens one up to endless opportunities to explore the world around them, but to also embark on adventures which allow their imagination to soar. I know they will be enjoyed by everyone!”

Reading is a skill that can help anyone, any time. It can take you to imaginary worlds, teach you things you never thought you would know, expand your vocabulary tremendously, and strengthen your mind more than anything.

Read-A-Thon Bermuda Dec 2021 (1)

Read-A-Thon Bermuda Dec 2021 (2)

Read-A-Thon Bermuda Dec 2021 (3)

Read-A-Thon Bermuda Dec 2021 (4)

Read-A-Thon Bermuda Dec 2021 (5)

Read-A-Thon Bermuda Dec 2021 (6)

Read-A-Thon Bermuda Dec 2021 (7)

Read-A-Thon Bermuda Dec 2021 (8)

Read-A-Thon Bermuda Dec 2021 (9)

Read-A-Thon Bermuda Dec 2021 (10)

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  1. A. Brown says:

    What an exciting day! Thank you for sharing.