Video: ‘Taking Off’ Highlights Eugene Ball

December 23, 2021

Skyport has released the latest episode of ‘Taking Off’, a video series with host Mikaela Pearman that highlights the airport, with this episode featuring Eugene Ball, General Manager of Cedar Aviation.

Speaking in the episode, Mikaela Pearman said, “This week, we bring you another episode in our new series Inside LF Wade. Have you ever driven past Cedar Aviation where the private jets park and wanted to know more? Maybe you’ve dreamed of travelling via private jet and the glamour that comes with it. Eugene Ball has worked for Cedar Aviation for 42 years and has seen it all! And he’s going to spill the beans.”

Mr. Ball said, “Hi my name is Eugene Ball General Manager of Cedar Aviation. A typical day here at Cedar Aviation involves us handling the flights as they arrive. We are a mini version of the commercial flights in that we process them through Immigration and customs, and then we help the passengers on to their transportation to get to their hotel.

“My initial goal in life was to become a pilot. I went to university and got my private pilot’s license. But back to Bermuda, I was employed by Aircraft Services Bermuda where we were responsible for the ramp; all different parts of the ramp. I started from being a baggage handler and throughout the years I worked my way up into a different managerial positions, until I became the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Executive Officer, and I’ve pretty much maintained that position ever since.

“I’ve always found the most rewarding part to be Medivacs. It quite often involves handling three or four corporate jets to get one process complete. We’ve had many celebrities come through this facility over the years. I’ve seen Queens and Kings, Heads of State, a lot of celebrities, sports players, we see them all. We’re probably the busiest entity here at the airport as we’re going all day everyday.

“When you come here, you don’t know when you’re going to go home, so most of my staff when they come here, they are prepared to work a 24 hour shift.”

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    Congratulations and well done Gene.
    You’ve come a long way since you joined the team that is ‘Bermuda airport’
    way back when .
    Much more success to a truly great guy !

  2. Vote for Me says:

    Mr. Ball has been at the airport for 42 years? He must be the longest serving employee overall.

    And doing the quick math, if he started after university (say 20) he is still going strong at 62? Well done!!

  3. Mr eugene ball is a good friend of mine i knew his father was a bus driver i booked a couple of trips through him always straight foward his grandfather worked on the docks in the early years 50.s up.

  4. Eddie Williams says:

    Congratulations Mr ball keep up the great work.