“Govt Should Have Better Processes In Place”

January 6, 2022

Susan Jackson Bermuda Oct 2019“Government should have better processes in place which will circumvent last minute announcements to parents,” the OBA Susan Jackson said, adding that it is is clear the Ministries “were not coordinated or prepared for the 2022 return to school.”

The follows after the Education Ministry advised on Tuesday evening “that there will be a staggered opening of schools” saying there “are still a number of schools that have not had adequate teachers cleared for resuming in-class teaching for Wednesday. With results continuing to coming in, there are also students who have yet to be cleared for in-class learning.”

Ms Jackson said, “School students have not completed a solid year of in person learning since 2019. Parents and students have carried the burden of making sudden changes with little or no warning.

“Parents are understandably frustrated and outspoken about the lack of communication when last minute decisions leave parents and teachers confused and unprepared for the consequences of those decisions.

“Questions need to be asked why Government Ministries haven’t made adjustments from the September return to school delays, or heeded the calls from the Bermuda Union of Teachers, or considered the predictable demands on the Covid testing labs to provide results in a timely manner?

“At this juncture, the Government should have better processes in place which will circumvent last minute announcements to parents. It is clear Government Ministries were not coordinated or prepared for the 2022 return to school,” Ms Jackson added.

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  1. watching says:

    Easy to criticize when on the other side but Mrs Jackson would know that with pandemics and crises there is not always the luxury of time.
    Parents knew that the plan was for school to return but anyone with any ounce of common sense knew that with the testing delays there was the possibility of not going in. She is trying to score political points with the public school community, when she has likely never even set foot nor can tell us where most of the public schools are.

    • kevin says:

      What is consistent is this Government will not admit they failed – they are defiant that they made the right decision
      its just so arrogant and we all know they make many many mistakes but that is what you get with the plp
      you voted them you get what you asked for
      wait more to come they will run out of money before their fiscal year end and the hole gets deeper

    • Unseensucess says:

      Did you say the same thing in 2012 when the then government had to borrow 800m just to keep government running? Or when the then opposition opposed everything regardless of potential benefits for the country for political purposes while offering zero solutions? Let’s keep it a buck.

  2. unknown800k says:

    They cant figure out how to build a WALL, you want more from them????????

  3. SMH says:

    The clearly do not know what they are doing.

  4. Marine Life says:

    The testing debacle thickens. I had a child get a negative Covid test result. The rest of us in the family did not get our negative test results back for nearly 30 hours after that Email. How do you think that makes us feel? We had just traveled. I hope this Covid-Crazy Government paid for all those additional airline seats of all the travelers stranded. They should not have had to pay for this government’s negligence and outright error. Hint,hint, MOH + Premier. IT IS UNDER YOUR WATCH!
    And why burden the labs during a PEAK Omicron Wave with student / Teacher tests and strand everybody else. Dum, dums. What brainy people we have leading the crowds. Move over and let somebody else wiling take your post. You are in the way!

  5. Dunn juice says:

    Well Dr Weldon handed in her notice,, that might be a reason, Ernie and Burt probably telling her how to do her job

  6. Honestly says:

    Why complain when there aren’t any recommendations coming from the opposition? This is a pandemic like like I’ve never experienced in my lifetime. Common sense tells me to stay safe, get tested considering I’m not living in a bubble, and to keep my circle small.

    • Unseensucess says:

      The government has the resources and ability to get highly qualified technical recommendations, the role of the opposition is to hold the government to account. How about we ask the silent 19 to do there park and serve the people, let’s stop deflecting for our favorite team and look at how it has been handled.