Minister: Instrumental Role Of Teachers

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“Today, I join Ministerial colleagues and Governments here and around the world to acknowledge World Teachers’ Day,” said the Minister of Education Diallo Rabain.

“We cannot and will not underestimate the instrumental role teachers play in transforming learning and schooling for Bermuda’s children and young people and our country. I encourage all young people, parents and guardians and members of the Bermudian community to acknowledge and thank a teacher today.”

The Government spokesperson said, “Minister Rabain is currently attending the Global Education Leaders Partnership convening in Tokyo, Japan.”

Minister Rabain stated, “The theme of World Teachers’ Day 2023 is “The teachers we need for the education we want” has been evident at the Global Education Leaders Partnership conference, the associated school and district visits and is very much a focus of our own reform journey in Bermuda.

“According to the most recent estimates by UNESCO and the Teacher Task Force [2023], the world is short of around 12.9 million additional teachers in primary education and some 31.1 million in secondary education if we are to achieve universal basic education by 2030.

Minister Rabain On World Teachers' Day October 2023

“While we may not face these challenges to the same degree, Bermuda is not immune. While the Department of Education and its union partners are working together to curb attrition and enhance teacher motivation and retention, the Education Reform Unit has initiated work to better understand Bermuda’s future education workforce needs.

The Government spokesperson said, “It would be contradictory of us, as we focus on better preparing the future workforce for all sectors and industries across the country through Signature Learning Programmes, to not dedicate the same amount of energy and effort to our own workforce.

“The future educational workforce includes not just ‘teachers’ as traditionally understood; within Signature Schools, the Signature Learning Programmes, foundational 21st century skills, and the new curriculum more generally will require incorporating members of partner business, public service, community, and research organizations as participants in teaching and learning.”

“Within both Parish Primary Schools and Senior Signature Schools, the desire for a more comprehensive approach to a young person’s development will require a more diverse staffing profile to accommodate adults who fulfil the social-emotional requirements of a more inclusive and culturally responsive school system.

“So today, World Teachers’ Day 2023, we recognize and celebrate the dedication, passion, and commitment of all of our educators, paraprofessionals and leaders across the island and invite you to join us in shaping the future of our system.”

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