Last Call For February Regiment Recruit Camp

January 18, 2022

“A clarion call for the last chance to sign up for an adventure-filled career with the Royal Bermuda Regiment was issued,” a Regiment spokesperson said.

Major Duncan Simons, the RBR’s Career Management Officer, said there was still time for people to grab a spot to train for “the best second job in Bermuda” at next month’s Recruit Camp.

He added: “The Regiment is an excellent opportunity to gain experience, serve the country, travel, learn new skills, build a network and have fun during it.”

Recruits are expected to commit to a two week annual camp, some weekend camps and attend regular drill nights at Warwick Camp.

Major Simons said: “It’s a small commitment – one month a year, but the dividends are huge, for individuals as well as the country. Most of soldiers do far more than that, but that is optional.

“Soldiers can earn up to $5000 a year, including bonuses, during their first year alone and can also get support for education outside the Regiment through its Learning Credit Programme.”

Major Simons said: “The Regiment plays a central role in ensuring our resiliency in the face of crises. Anyone who steps up to serve in the Regiment will help ensure the safety and security of Bermuda.”

He added: “The Regiment continues to provide a platform for personal development, whether it be learning new skills, working as a team, or developing as a leader. This experience translates directly in the civilian lives of our soldiers, to the benefit of our community.”

Major Simons highlighted that the “coronavirus pandemic continued to shape how the service operated and that the RBR had taken every precaution to guard against infection.”

He said: “Mandatory rapid antigen testing of all recruits, the training team, and support staff will be conducted at the beginning of recruit training and throughout the camp. Where practical, teams will continue to work in bubbles and be socially distanced and rigorous cleaning protocols will be maintained.”

Major Simons said that the pandemic had continued to demonstrate the value of the Regiment.

He added: “During the past almost two years the Regiment has directly supported the Government’s Covid-19 regulations, most recently supporting the Department of Health’s testing and vaccination centres.”

The first Recruit Camp of the year is scheduled to run from February 13 to 15. For an application form, visit

“A full application package will be forwarded after the initial form is received and potential soldiers will be booked to attend an assessment night at Warwick Camp on Thursday, which will include a medical and fitness test,” a spokesperson said.

Maj. Simons said “even if people could not manage to apply this time there would be another opportunity in the summer.

He added: “If people aren’t in a position to join now, they can still complete the enlistment process and join the next recruit intake in July.”

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