Autonomous Underwater Vehicle To Obtain Data

February 24, 2022

Bermuda will be gaining access to a “high tech Remote Environmental Measuring UnitS autonomous underwater vehicle” which can “obtain a range of oceanographic, hydrographic, environmental and ecological data.”

A Government spokesperson said, “As part of the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme [BOPP], the Ministry of Home Affairs plans to introduce a comprehensive Marine Spatial Plan and Blue Economy Strategy for our 200-mile marine Exclusive Economic Zone.

“One of BOPP’s goals is to improve fisheries management, where appropriate, and partner with stakeholders to support Bermuda’s fisheries goals through consultations, scientific research, and economic analyses.

“To that end, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources [DENR] is excited to announce an agreement between DENR and Bermuda-based Cerulean H20 Ltd. to obtain access to the high tech Remote Environmental Measuring UnitS 100 [REMUS 100] autonomous underwater vehicle [AUV].

“Formed in 2017 to continue the legacy of the late Dr. Neil Burnie, the North Atlantic Digital Neritic Lab, operated by Cerulean H2O Ltd. and its supporting charity, Ocean Tech, will provide the REMUS 100 service to Bermuda.

“The REMUS 100 carries advanced instrumentation capable of gathering data that will help DENR staff better understand the behaviour and abundance of fish at important fish aggregation sites around the Island.

“The REMUS 100 is faster and easier to deploy than many similar technologies and is one of the most advanced non-military AUVs in operation. Additionally, it can cover a larger area while simultaneously collecting many data types, thus offering greater operational efficiency.

“The REMUS 100 can also obtain a range of oceanographic, hydrographic, environmental and ecological data. It can map and image the seabed and estimate the number of fish in a particular area.

“This year, the REMUS 100′s first project will be creating an underwater map and survey of the blue-striped grunt spawning ground off St Georges. The DENR plans to use the new data and what was previously collected to assess and monitor the health of the blue-striped grunt aggregation into the future.

About the North Atlantic Digital Neritic Lab [Neretic Lab]:

“The Neritic Lab’s primary purpose is to enhance marine research and education in Bermuda using modern technologies. All net surpluses from the Lab’s commissioned work support the Ocean Tech charity. Ocean Tech is currently supporting ongoing REMUS missions conducted by the Neritic Lab at BAMZ, BIOS, Warwick Academy School and Saltus Grammar School.”

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