Photo, Video, 360: Abandoned Boats In West End

February 20, 2022

A joint programme involving the Government and Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] to remove “abandoned and derelict boats” will be getting underway, with the Government having issued two official notices of boats set to be removed, with the first notice detailing 37 boats, and the second notice listing 17 boats.

So far officials have given notice of boats to be removed in areas including Boaz Island, 9-Beaches, Ely’s Harbour, Morgan’s Hill Beach, Frank’s Bay, Jews Bay, Riddell’s Bay, Lagoon Park, Stock’s Harbour, Marginal Wharf, St. George’s Harbour and Great Bay.

We took a visit to two of the areas listed, Elys Harbour and Lagoon Park, and you can have a look above/below and to state the obvious, the footage shows all boats in the area, and the Government only plans to remove the “abandoned and derelict boats” they have given notice of.

You can read the specific notices, and see images of the individual boats here [37 boats] and here [17 boats], with our footage just providing the vantage point of the overall area.

Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] previously noted that they have actually “identified more than 100 abandoned vessels on moorings, on the seafloor, along coastlines and in our bays.”

“Abandoned boats and marine wrecks have been a blight on Bermuda’s beautiful coastline for years. Not only are they a danger to boaters and swimmers, but they are also an environmental hazard leaking fuel and oil into our pristine waters,” KBB said.












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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Many of these boats have registration numbers on them. The owners can be traced.

    After a storm the first thing that the mooring officer should be doing is going around taking note of boats on the shoreline before owners have a chance to remove ID numbers. After a reasonable amount of time has been given to remove them start legal proceedings without delay. Deny future boat registration & mooring registration until wreck is removed or payment is made if Government has to remove it.

    Many boats are uninsured. There should be a minimum insurance requirement of 3rd party & wreck removal before registration is given.

  2. Eric says:

    Good morning
    To whom may concern I was watching the news and find out there are many boats abandoned, so I yes wonder if can I have one those boats so please reply to me and I appreciate your response,,, thank you bless up