Police Investigating Shooting In Pembroke

March 23, 2022

[Updating] Gunshots were fired in the One Way Deepdale Pembroke area at around 5.15pm today [March 23], the police have confirmed, adding that no one has been injured. Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as soon as able.

Update 7.06pm: Video of police statement

Update 7.15pm: Detective Sergeant Jason Smith said , “At approximately 5:15 this evening, we received several 911 calls of gunshots in the area, One Way Deepdale in Pembroke. Fortunately, there is no one that has been injured.

“We are processing the scene behind, which you can see. We do believe, or we do know, that there are two suspects that left on a motorbike. They had left on a motorbike from Two Way Deepdale, making a right turn going towards Parsons Road and then a left turn along Parsons Road. 

“The suspects are described as wearing dark-colored clothing. That’s all that we know at this stage. The investigation is very, very early, as you can appreciate, but we are still making our appeal, and we’re asking for particular persons in this area, persons who might have been traveling along Parsons Road that would have seen a motorbike traveling, or acting, in a very erratic manner to make contact with us. Two persons on that motorcycle, dark clothing, wearing ski masks.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 211, the main police number 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers number, 800-8477. You may also speak with a police officer with whom you are familiar.

This marks the third confirmed shooting in the last two weeks, following a shooting, also in the Deepdale, Pembroke area on March 17th in which no one was injured, and a shooting on March 10th at the Devonshire Recreation Club which resulted in two people being injured.

Update: A police spokesperson said, “Around 5:15 p.m. today, Wednesday, 23rd March, 2022, police received a report of 911 call was received gunshots in the One Way Deepdale area of Pembroke.

“Information is a suspect came to the area on foot, via a bushy patch which links to Two Way Deepdale, discharged a firearm and left in the direction from which he came.

“CCTV was reviewed and showed the gunman and a second suspect on a motorcycle leave the area headed in a westerly direction towards Parsons Road.

“Both suspects reportedly wore dark clothing and ski masks.

“Units from Tactical Division and officers from the Forensic Support Unit attended, searched and processed the scene.

“Anyone with information on this matter is asked to call 211, the main police number, 295-0011 or, Crime Stoppers on 800-8477.

“Alternatively, you may share the information with a police officer with whom you are familiar.”

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