NMB Launches The Future Of History Campaign

March 28, 2022

The National Museum of Bermuda [NMB] announced a fundraising campaign ‘The Future of History’ to “usher the Museum into a new era.”

A spokesperson said, “The Campaign, The Future of History, set out to raise at least $8.5 million to support education programmes, expansion projects and institutional stability at the Museum. Enhancements to these core areas will benefit Bermuda educators, students, and lifelong learners and expand the Museum’s influence locally and globally.

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“At a small gathering at the Museum last night, the NMB team announced last night that they have raised $8.2 million dollars to date. To meet education priorities, undertake significant historic preservation work, and to safeguard the Museum against future hardships, the Museum team will endeavor to exceed their initial goal over the next three months.”

Elena Strong, NMB Executive Director, shared, “At NMB, we are accelerating our role as an educational resource for our community. The Future of History Campaign is helping us transform how history is shared and whose stories are brought to light. Our expansion efforts capitalise on our existing assets as we plan to establish an international research hub that will bring innovation and vitality to Dockyard, positioning the Museum as a thought leader in Atlantic World research.”

Elena Strong, Janet Ferguson & Janet Ferguson Bermuda March 2022

She added, “The past two years have shown how history and culture can keep us connected and the importance of knowing our past to understand the present and build a better future. Our Campaign goals will ensure that the future of NMB is bright.”

A spokesperson added, The National Museum of Bermuda serves as one of the Island’s leading educational resources sharing Bermuda’s diverse history, culture and heritage. Through exhibits, programmes, publications, collections and historic structures, NMB offers insights into a range of diverse topics, including Bermuda’s cultural links with the West Indies and the Azores, enslavement in Bermuda, Bermuda’s defence heritage, shipwrecks and early Bermuda settlement, the building of Dockyard and much more. Now, it is transforming into a collective voice for and about everyone in Bermuda.

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“To usher the Museum into a new era, The Future of History Campaign aims to support the following initiatives:

“Sustained Funding for Education will:

  • Make free, pilot education programmes [already established and in development] permanent offerings of the Museum. Examples include: NMB’s Teacher Professional Development Programme, Learning at the Museum student programmes, and Early Years programmes. These programmes promote critical and creative thinking, seeing multiple perspectives, and deepen understanding of Bermuda’s diverse past
  • Help NMB undertake critically needed exhibit updates to ensure everyone finds their story at NMB and Bermuda history is framed in an Atlantic World lens
  • Establish a new Learning Centre, housed in NMB’s existing historic Shifting House [1837] – a dynamic, flexible space that will welcome learners of all ages
  • Incorporate digital technology and infrastructure improvements that will breathe new life into the Museum’s historic buildings

NMB The Future of History Bermuda March 2022 (2)

“Visionary Investments for an Expanding Museum Campus will:

  • Stabilise and save the barracks and Upper Ordnance buildings of Casemates for future use
  • Fund a robust business plan to ensure sustainability for a future home of Atlantic World studies: a research hub that will enable local students to pursue higher education, Atlantic World research and new career opportunities

“Immediate and Long-term Stability will:

  • Provide stronger finances to ensure NMB supports the costs of expanded offerings, education spaces and operates at the highest level
  • Fund a newly seeded Education Endowment to reduce budgetary strain

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When asked about the Campaign, Chair of NMB Education Committee, Board Member and Campaign Co-Chair Dr. Janet Ferguson stated, “Supporting the National Museum—to preserve the past and strengthen our future—is a gift to Bermuda and a gift to ourselves.”

NMB Advancement Officer Katie Bennett added: “Thanks to our incredible donors, partners and members, the Museum has effectively navigated this turbulent period, fostered meaningful connections in Bermuda and beyond and has grown stronger. Join us to accelerate this important work by supporting The Future of History.”

To learn more about The Future of History Campaign, visit here.

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  1. Generosity in Community says:

    What a wonderful announcement and commitment to Bermuda.

    This is the kind of effort that takes years of effort with a talented group of professionals holding a clear vision.

    Thank you to all the donors who see the value of investing in our history and teaching us all about ourselves – our good, our bad and our ugly.