Child Abuse Prevention Month Recognised

April 29, 2022

The Department of Child and Family Services recognised April as Child Abuse Prevention Month, which is dedicated to raising awareness and preventing child abuse and neglect.

Minister of Social Development and Seniors Tinee Furbert stated, “It is important for our community to work together to strengthen families to prevent child abuse and neglect.”

“The Department of Child and Family Services’ vision is to protect children by strengthening families and works closely with Community Partners to ensure that Mandated Reporters are aware of their responsibilities as it relates to child abuse,” a spokesperson said.

“This past month, DCFS hosted a forum to educate mandated reporters on the various roles of DCFS and the duty of the mandated reporter to report all matters of child abuse.

“Additionally, DCFS provides child abuse investigations, interventions, and support for children and families in the community to ensure that no child suffers from maltreatment. The Department also responds appropriately to reports of child abuse and neglect to ensure that children are safe and at the same time promotes the integrity of the family.

“In 2021, the Department of Child and Family Services received 918 reports of child abuse and neglect. This year thus far 302 reports of child abuse and neglect have been received by the Department.”

Minister Furbert stated, “We have seen extremely concerning cases of child abuse and neglect being reported. It has been a difficult time for many in Bermuda, and the COVID Pandemic has put a strain on a number of families. We want to encourage those parents who are experiencing challenges in coping to reach out for support. Further, if there are individuals that are aware of abuse taking place against children, please reach out to the Department of Child and Family Services at 278-9111.”

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  1. I LOVEMY LIFE! says:

    I’ve said for years and will continue to believe that the ONLY way to curve or cut child abuse down drastically in Bermuda is to EXPOSE the perpetrators of these heinous acts! If we started EXPOSING child molesters, rapists and pedophiles in Bermuda I can GUARANTEE and ASSURE you that it would stop almost over night. Put their names, pictures and addresses in the Media and on all social media platforms. SHAME and EXPOSE THESE PEOPLE! But unfortunately in Bermuda we PROTECT the PREDATORS and FORGET about who the real victims are. EVERYTHING is a secret in Bermuda. That’s the problem! In any other country in the world they have a sex registry website with a list of ALL predators in that area , with ALL of their information for the WORLD to see and not just people who live in that vicinity. The public NEED to KNOW who these people are. There are hundreds of PREDATORS walking around Bermuda on a DAILY basis that NOBODY knows about because they have NEVER been EXPOSED. Which in turn allows them to feel comfortable enough to reoffend because NOBODY knows who they are anyway.
    Until we take this stance as a country the hard work of The Department of Child and Family Services is USELESS and in VEIN. And for the record this strategy of EXPOSING people will work for reducing ALL sorts of crimes. You don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist to understand this concept! And please don’t tell me that nonsense about NOT exposing the predator to protect the victim! I’d rather sacrifice 1 lamb to save 1,000! The predators seem to ALWAYS stay hidden and it needs to stop!