Photos & Video: Car Crashed In The East End

April 8, 2022

[Updated] A car can be seen crashed on its side in the east end this morning [April 8]. We do not, at this time, have any information about it past what we can see, however it is likely that the police will provide information later on, and we will update as able.

Update 11.06am: A police spokesperson said, “Around 12:05am today, Friday 8th April 2022 police, Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service as well as ambulance personnel attended a reported single vehicle car crash on Kindley Field Road in St. George’s, near Stone Crusher Corner.

“Early information suggests that the car involved was being driven west along Kindley Field Road when it went off the road, struck a wooden railing and overturned.

“The driver, said to be a 28-year-old Hamilton parish man, was injured but conscious and alert on police arrival.

“He had to be assisted out of the crashed vehicle by emergency services personnel and members of the public, before being transported to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment.

“It is anticipated that the 28-year-old man will be discharged from the hospital later today.

“Inquiries continue regarding the circumstances of this car crash and any witnesses that have not already come forward are encouraged to call 211 or e-mail”

Car Crash Bermuda April 8 2022 (6)

Car Crash Bermuda April 8 2022 (5)

Car Crash Bermuda April 8 2022 (4)

Car Crash Bermuda April 8 2022 (3)

Car Crash Bermuda April 8 2022 (2)

Car Crash Bermuda April 8 2022 (1)

Car Crash Bermuda April 8 2022 (7)

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Comments (15)

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  1. puzzled says:


  2. unknown800k says:

    Clearly a fail, didnt make the water

  3. trufth says:

    Imma just park this right here.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    The under performance of the driver was clearly not overcompensated for by the performance tires.

    Yet another corner that could be made a whole lot safer if only it was engineered properly with just a little grading as found in 1st world countries.

    • puzzled says:

      Let it go Triangle.
      There are 10 times more accidents at Tee Street and Middle and Barnes Corner.
      Grade has sheet to do with it.

  5. itsnowonder says:

    This is exactly why they shouldn’t allow camping in that area. I would never camp there.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Someone was killed camping near the swing bridge end. Camped right next to the road. There is a human trait that it is said cannot be fixed.

  6. Superchicken says:

    I just love how the police say . The car went through a wooden rail and onto the grsaaed area and overturned. “THE CAR” did it. Not the driver. The driver did not cause the car to do all of that. Like the car was in control? ROFLMAO!

    • Now Ya Nice says:

      Okay Superchicken and others in this forum. So you seem to know it all. What would your press statement be, and please keep in mind you do not have proof of what the cause of the accident was. I do not know what happened here but I do know of a recent accident where the autopsy showed driver unfortunately went into diabetic shock while driving and that led to their death. Another person I know of was working very late and fell asleep (no alcohol / no drugs/ no speeding) and they were badly injured. I have intentionally not used names or terms that would identify gender or even the location of these accidents so that the accident victims are not made victims of again. And finally, my elderly mother that barely does 40K had to swerve to avoid an animal , touched the wall and was jackknifed across the street intro a tree. Had you and the other “know it all’s” seen the images seen the photos you would have once again “assumed” you know what happened and that speeding was involved there too. I’m not saying your assumption is wrong but until you know for sure – keep your opinion to yourself as their are family and friends that will see your comments.

  7. ella says:

    Darn! Lucky to be alive.

  8. Toodle-oo says:

    Memories of a ‘famous’ crash in the same spot back in the 60′s where a Morris Minor rolled end over end catapulting occupants out.
    Might be wrong but I think 3 people perished in that crash.
    This guy was lucky.

  9. JT says:

    Where you there to see the driver speeding? Stop ASSuming!

  10. question says:

    Don’t tell me – he “had an overcoming”, right?

  11. Tom says:

    You can’t park that there mate!

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    When will proper crash barriers be installed at some of these corners that people have problems navigating around. The wooden fences don’t do a thing.

    I have visions of one of these 4X4 wooden fences coming loose, shattering, going through a windshield & into the occupants of the car. It is not pretty.

    A properly designed & installed steel crash barrier keeps the vehicle on the road. In well over 200,000 miles of N American driving I have NEVER seen wood used as a safety barrier next to any road. What makes Bermuda different?