Senate Passes Fairmont Southampton Act

May 18, 2022

[Updated] The Senate today [May 18] passed the Fairmont Southampton Hotel Act 2022, with the passage following after a procedural delay which saw the normal morning session adjourned, with the debate starting in the afternoon.

The delay was apparently caused as OBA Senators wanted to table amendments to the legislation, so the session was adjourned while legal advice was sought.

The Bill — which offers some tax concessions for up to 15 years — has already passed in the House of Assembly so will now head to the Governor for assent.

Four hour live replay of the debate in the Senate today

Update: “Another important step for Bermuda’s economic recovery,” said the Junior Minister of Tourism, Senator Owen Darrell today after the Fairmont Southampton Act passed the Senate without objection.

Senator Darrell said, “We cannot emphasize enough just how much the people are relying on the economic and career opportunities this hotel redevelopment will bring. Today’s debate showed the people of Bermuda that the Government is prepared to lead the way in the social renewal that will come from providing dignified work and economic security for our people.”

“It should be noted that the Opposition attempted to advance a number of amendments to the Bill, but all but one was ruled as unconstitutional by Senate President Joan Dillas-Wright, who had earlier adjourned the Senate sitting to the afternoon to take legal advice.”

Senator Darrell added, “Ten minutes before we were to begin today’s important session, Government Senators received eight (8) pages of amendments from the Opposition. Almost all of them were unconstitutional and just delayed the important work we had all come to do.”

Further noting that the Bill passed without objection, the Junior Minister concluded, “It must be frustrating for the people of Bermuda to witness this political gaming with Opposition speeches all ending by saying they can’t or won’t support the Bill and then failing to do their duty and vote with their convictions when given the chance to do so.”

Senator Darrell concluded, “Today we are a step closer to the creation of hundreds of jobs and a step closer to this hotel playing its part in the recovery of tourism for Bermuda.”

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Comments (8)

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  1. watching says:

    Now lets get this show on the road.
    Start the work, and get our people working, and then trained and retrained to get back in the workforce.
    Great job to the PLP government.
    Sometimes you do have to give something to get something. But the families that will be back to work will definitely be appreciative of this.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    And now the PLP Government gives away millions to millionaires

    • jon says:

      correction billionaires

    • watching says:

      No, how about “the PLP secures this project which in turn provides jobs and income for working class Bermudians, who need these jobs and careers to survive and make ends meet.”

      • Question says:

        Jobs which existed for the past 50 years, and which were only lost in the first place due to the incompetence of the PLP.

      • saud says:

        Watching….your attempt at changing the narrative is cute. Fortunately there are enough Bermudians who know that you’re fabricating a story to cover for the inept government you voted for.

  3. enough says:

    so the PLP have now done exactly what they opposed the OBA for with the airport arrangement. Sorry not under standing this so please explain why it’s ok for them to do it but not the OBA, why are people not protesting. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for getting South P open but 15 years of tax breaks, why not total tax break on all supplies needed for the renovation and then it stops as soon as the hotel is back open.

  4. Lady says:

    A total lose of revenue to Government and the people of Bermuda in much needed taxes for 15 years. Im sure that all kinds of materials will escape duties and taxes under the guise of the South P project while going else where. Im sure people behind the scenes will flout all kinds of loop holds. Let the PLP government shoot itself in the foot. It will happen, it always does. Potentually hundreds of millions of dollars lost in taxes and duties for 15 years while the players get fat pockets. Jobs? Im guessing 50% MIGHT go to Bermudians. Wake up people. This will not end well.