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May 25, 2022

The Bermuda Police Service, Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard, Minister of National Security Michael Weeks and Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport, Dr. Ernest Peets held a press conference this afternoon [May 25], regarding the upcoming Bermuda Day holiday weekend.

Minister of National Security Michael Weeks remarks:

Good afternoon,

Firstly, I want to thank the officers of the Bermuda Police Service for hosting today’s important brief ahead of the holiday this Friday.

I know that there have been weeks, if not months, of planning ahead of Bermuda Day 2022, and I want to also give thanks to the other agencies and departments who have led the preparation for this year’s festivities.

Ahead of the Bermuda Day Celebrations this coming Friday, I want to plead with members of the public to be safe while celebrating the holiday.

I know that there are those who can’t wait to have a day off, as there is no doubt that we have all been through a lot over the last couple of years with the global pandemic and the lingering economic effects.

Given the reality of what has occurred over the last couple of weeks, I want to especially appeal to those caught in the vicious cycle of retaliation

and violence to consider that there are families that are having to deal with this coming holiday without their loved ones for the first time.

The theme of this year’s parade is ‘Togetherness’. We need to celebrate who we are as Bermudians and reconnect with family and friends. I am asking us all to remember that theme and to leave out those things which have no place in our culture.

Thank you.

Acting Superintendent Jerome Laws remarks:

Good afternoon.

The Bermuda Police Service [BPS], working in partnership with the Bermuda Reserve Police and the Royal Bermuda Regiment, wishes to take this opportunity to advise the public on several matters to ensure a peaceful and safe time during this year’s Bermuda Day holiday weekend.

This press conference aims to share the general policing plan with the community.

Members of the public should expect a heightened police presence during the holiday weekend. Police will be conducting roadside sobriety checks and 315 F checks at various locations.

There will be an increase in police presence around “the night-time economy” and high visibility patrols to deter acts of violence and anti-social behaviour.

We want to remind the public that if you see something, say something. Please call the main police telephone number 295-0011 or 911 in an emergency.

Bermuda Day Races

The Bermuda Bicycle Association race will start from Somerset and finish on Cedar Avenue. The Junior Bermuda Bicycle Association Race will commence on Harbour Road, near the junction with Lovers Lane and will finish on Cedar Avenue.

The Junior Classic Running Race will start at the east end of Front Street and finish on Dutton Avenue.

The annual Bermuda Day Half Marathon Derby will start in Somerset and finish on Dutton Avenue.

As in previous years, the Bermuda Police Service, Bermuda Reserve Police and the race organisers will have officers and marshals positioned along the routes. They are there to minimise risks to all road users, especially cyclists and runners.

We are asking the motoring public to fully cooperate with any directions given. We all need to do our best to ensure there are no collisions with race participants, as that could lead to serious injury or death.

On Friday, the roads along the race route will close at 8:00 in the morning.

Therefore, persons in the west end who are travelling on morning flights need to be sure they have passed Barnes Corner well before 8:00 am.

The roads will be re-opened when it is deemed safe and delays of up to an hour and a half or more should be expected.

The road closures for the races will be in effect from 8:00 am until around 12.30 pm. Details of the road closures can be found on the Government of Bermuda’s website under The Official Gazette, Government notices. In addition:

  • No traffic will be allowed to travel in either direction during the cycle race.
  • No traffic will be allowed to travel in either direction during the running race.

Bermuda Day Parade

The Bermuda Day parade starts at 1:30 pm. Spectators should not obstruct the participants in the parade.

Officers of the Royal Bermuda Regiment will be on hand to assist. Please make sure you comply with any of their directions.

The parade will start on Front Street near the junction with Bermudiana Road and will travel along Front Street to Court Street, Church Street, and Cedar Avenue before concluding on Marsh Folly Road.

No parking areas will be marked, and specific road closure times are contained in the gazetted notices.

Once the roads are closed in the City of Hamilton, no persons will be allowed to move their vehicles between the time that the races start and the end of the parade.

During the parade, King Street between Reid Street and Church Street will be converted into a two-way street from 12.30 pm until the conclusion of the parade.

Police May 25 2022 Bermuda Day 2022

Road Safety

The motoring public should be mindful that the police will be highly visible on the roads.

In addition to calming the roads, there will be an emphasis on offences such as speeding, impaired driving and driving without due care and attention.

Remember, road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Loud Music

Loud music complaints both in residential neighbourhoods and on the water are a problem associated with this holiday and we accept that the celebration of Bermuda Day brings with it a party atmosphere.

We ask a couple of things of the public. Patience and tolerance on the part of the persons who enjoy a more sombre celebration, along with a display of respect and courtesy on the part of those who like to party hard.

We encourage members of the communities that they live in, to work together to keep the peace in their neighbourhoods and to avoid the involvement of the police.

Our final message again this year is to encourage everyone to exercise patience, tolerance, and caution so that we all have a good time!

On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, BPS staff and the Bermuda Reserve Police, I wish the entire community a pleasant, enjoyable, and safe holiday weekend. divider line ewrr

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  1. maddog says:

    and one more ask please…..PLEASE PICK UP YOUR TRASH AND TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU AND DISPOSE OF IT PROPERLY….don’t be so inconsiderate and lazy, leaving it behind after you have had a nice day celebrating. Our island is a dirty mess because entitled people think they can do what they want where they want and that someone will clean up after them. Respect our home. Clean up after yourself so that the person coming behind you can enjoy the space too.