Bermuda Day Holiday Weekend Policing

May 25, 2023

The Bermuda Police Service is advising the public on “measures geared toward ensuring a peaceful and safe time during this year’s Bermuda Day holiday weekend.”

James Howard, Superintendent, Tactical Policing Division, said, “In order to deter anti-social behaviour, especially during the night-time economy you can expect to see an increased police presence across the island during this time, with 315-F checks being carried out at various locations.

“The BPS will also be conducting roadside sobriety checks commencing Thursday, May 25th, 2023, through to Monday, May 29th, 2023, in the following Parishes:

  • Hamilton Parish
  • Smith’s Parish
  • Devonshire Parish
  • Pembroke Parish
  • Paget Parish
  • Warwick Parish
  • Southampton Parish

Bermuda Day Race Events

“The Sinclair Packwood Memorial Bicycle Race, sponsored by the Bermuda Bicycle Association, will see race participants set off from York Street, St. George’s Parish at 8:20am. The riders will race along the main roads from St. George’s Parish, finishing on Cedar Avenue, City of Hamilton. The Junior Sinclair Packwood Memorial Bicycle Race, will start on Middle Road, Devonshire, near Fort Hill at 8:20am and finish at Dutton Avenue, Pembroke Parish.

“The Bermuda Half Marathon Derby with approximately 1,000 runners will start from York Street St. George’s at 8:30am and finish at Dutton Avenue, Pembroke Parish. The Junior Classic Running Race will start at 9:45am at the east end of Front Street and finish on Dutton Avenue. Approximately 60 runners will compete in this race.

“As in previous years, the Bermuda Police Service, Bermuda Reserve Police and the race organisers will have officers and marshals positioned along the routes. They are there to minimise risks to all road users, especially the cyclists and the runners.

“We are asking the motoring public to fully cooperate with any directions given. We all need to do our best to ensure there are no collisions with race participants, as that could lead to serious injury or death.

“On Friday, the roads along the race route will close at 8:00a.m.

“Therefore, persons who are travelling on morning flights need to be sure they arrive at the LF Wade International airport prior to 8am.

“The road closures for the races will be in effect from 8:00am until around 12.30pm. Details of the road closures can be found on the Government of Bermuda’s website under The Official Gazette, Government notices. In addition:

  • No traffic will be allowed to travel in either direction during the cycle race.
  • No traffic will be allowed to travel in either direction during the running race.

Bermuda Day Parade

“The Bermuda Day parade will commence within the City of Hamilton at 1:30pm and will finish at approximately 7pm. The parade will start on Front Street, near the junction with Bermudiana Road and travel along Front Street to Court Street, Church Street, and Cedar Avenue before concluding on Marsh Folly Road.

“No parking areas will be marked, and specific road closure times are contained in the gazetted notices. Once the roads are closed in the City of Hamilton, no persons will be allowed to move their vehicles between the time that the races start and the end of the parade.

“During the parade, King Street between Reid Street and Church Street will be converted into a two-way street from 12.30pm until the conclusion of the parade.

Road Safety

“The motoring public should be mindful that the police will be highly visible on the roads. In addition to calming the roads, there will be an emphasis on offences such as speeding, impaired driving and driving without due care and attention. Remember, road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Loud Music

“Bermuda Day brings with it a party atmosphere. Loud music, both in residential neighbourhoods and on the water, is a feature of this holiday. We ask a couple of things of the public. Patience and tolerance on the part of the persons who enjoy a more sombre celebration, along with a display of respect and courtesy on the part of those who take a more festive approach.

“We encourage members of the community, to work together to keep the peace in their neighbourhoods. Please exercise patience, tolerance, and caution so that we all have a good time.

“On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, BPS staff and the Bermuda Reserve Police, I wish the entire community a pleasant, enjoyable, and safe holiday weekend.” divider line ewrr

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