Titan Express Offering Mary Prince Legacy Tour

July 3, 2022

This month people have the opportunity to learn more about Bermuda National Hero and civil rights icon Mary Prince, as Titan Express and the African Bermuda Dispersion Cultural Tours are offering the ’Mary Prince Legacy Bus Tour.’

A spokesperson said, “In recognition of Emancipation, Titan Express & the African Bermuda Dispersion Cultural Tours is offering in July ‘The Mary Prince Legacy Bus Tour’ The tour highlights Mary Prince’s experiences and visits places where she was housed in Bermuda as an enslaved Black woman.

“Mary Prince was the first enslaved Black women to share her story of slavery throughout Britain’s Colonies, and she was the first Black woman and author to write about the brutalities of slavery and wrote truth to power.

“Her book is called, “The History of Mary Prince, A West Indian Slave” and her story was given as a petition to Britain’s Parliament and led to the onset for Britain to start with the abolishment slavery throughout its colonies, including the enslaved Blacks in Bermuda who, received Emancipation on August 1st, 1834. The Cup Match Holiday, which is being held in July on the first day is Emancipation Day and the second day is Mary Prince Day.

Tour Details:

  • Dates: July 9th, 15th, 21st
  • Time: 6:30PM to 8:30PM
  • Price: $25

“Tickets must be purchased for the bus tour at www.titantoursbermuda.com.

A spokesperson from the company added the “stories and contributions of Mary Prince are of outmost significant importance to the history of Emancipation & Cup Match, which took place in Bermuda on August 1st, 1834. We encourage people to come out with family and friends and learn about these stories that helped shape Bermuda’s history.

For more information you can email, info@titantoursbermuda.com or visit the website at www.titantoursbermuda.com.

Mary Prince Legacy Bus Tour Bermuda July 2022

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