Update On Restricted & Closed Job Categories

July 25, 2022

The Ministry of Economy and Labour is “advising the public of changes to the closed and restricted job categories, effective from August 1st, 2022, for five months.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Labour will extend the moratorium on new work permits issued for the following Closed job categories for five months, ending December 31st, 2022. Please note that Barbers have moved from the Closed list into the Open category. It must be noted that before the Pandemic, Barbers were in the Open Category.

“This adjustment, which returns them to their original classification, was made due to ongoing staff turnover and the inability of local-owned barbershops to fill vacancies in this occupational category.

The new list of Closed job categories is as follows:

  • 1. Administrative Assistant
  • 2. Airline Ground Agent
  • 3. Bank Teller
  • 4. Carpet Installer
  • 5. Cashier
  • 6. Childcare Assistant
  • 7. Courier
  • 8. Customer Care/ Service Rep
  • 9. Debt Collector
  • 10. Deckhand
  • 11. Dispatcher Road Transport
  • 12. Entertainer/ Musician
  • 13. Executive Secretary/Assistant
  • 14. Fisherman
  • 15. General Labourer
  • 16. Golf Instructors
  • 17. Grocery Packer
  • 18. Handyman
  • 19. HR Officer/ Manager
  • 20. Interns
  • 21. Laundry Attendant
  • 22. Legal Clerk
  • 23. Librarian
  • 24. Office Receptionist
  • 25. Painter
  • 26. Para-Professional
  • 27. Photographer
  • 28. Pool/Beach Attendant
  • 29. Public Relations Officer
  • 30. Real Estate Agent
  • 31. Retail Floor Supervisor
  • 32. Room Attendant
  • 33. Salesperson
  • 34. Seasonal Work Permits
  • 35. Security Guard
  • 36. Senior Clerk
  • 37. Taxi Driver
  • 38. Teaching Aide
  • 39. Technician salesperson
  • 40. Telephone Switchboard Operator
  • 41. Tourist Retail Salesperson
  • 42. Travel Agent/ Consultant
  • 43. Wallpaper Technician
  • 44. Warehouse Clerk

“The current list of restricted job categories included under the Work Permit Policy has been revised to include General Bartender. It must be noted that before the Pandemic, General Bartenders were on the Restricted List. This change, which returns them to their original category, was due to high staff turnover leading to shortages in this occupational category from the hospitality sector.

The complete list is as follows:

  • 1. Dish/ Pot Washer
  • 2. Electrician
  • 3. General Bartender
  • 4. General Carpenter
  • 5. General Mason
  • 6. Kitchen Assistant
  • 7. Kitchen Porter
  • 8. Landscape Gardener [Entry Level]
  • 9. Plumber
  • 10. Residential/ Commercial Cleaner
  • 11. Tennis instructor
  • 12. Waiter/ Server

“According to the Work Permit Policy, Section 3.7, the application process for jobs in the Restricted category is the same as that for the Open category, except the employer must:

  • a. Apply for a maximum term of one [1] year; and
  • b. Submit evidence that any candidates screened and recommended by the Department of Workforce Development [“DWD”] have been appropriately considered. DWD is expected to respond to enquiries by employers within ten [10] working days. Should no response be forthcoming from DWD, the employer may submit the application with written evidence that they made enquiries.

“The partner of a Bermudian, Permanent Resident Certificate holder, Non-Bermudian on a work permit, or other legal resident of Bermuda who has already received permission to reside may now apply to seek employment. Partners who do not have permission to reside may apply to reside and seek employment. Further details on Partner-Genuine and Subsisting Relationships are available online at gov.bm.

“The Ministry of Economy and Labour appreciates the current challenges within our labour market and the significant impact the pandemic has had on many local businesses. Our aim is always to ensure the effective use of policies that create jobs for Bermudians.

“Individuals looking to increase their skillsets and employability are always encouraged to register with the Department of Workforce Development at dwd@gov.bm and explore more options for further education through the Bermuda College at www.college.bm.”

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Comments (8)

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  1. Rig says:

    ‘Bermuda for Bermudians’ ‘Guest workers’

    Ugly, outdated, xenophobic, embarrassing and HAS TO STOP.

    It doesn’t even work economically either.

  2. Concerned says:

    I’m honestly sick and tired of seeing the department of immigration publish more articles emphasizing, how there are restricted job categories but yet there are people who are Bermudians who are being laid off while foreign nationals continue to hold jobs in these restricted categories. Bermudians are not put first. And in this post Covid financial climate, the govt should be advocating for Bermudians.

    • Rig says:

      Utter nonsense. Leave these views in the 1980s please.

  3. Ringmaster says:

    When is Jewel Bank opening its doors to assist Bermudians? The PLP made a big deal of this new bank, since then silence. Gone the way of Arbitrade and the Redemption Farm?

    • Question says:

      I’m sure Burt will update us. Couldn’t be yet another Burt Failure, could it?

  4. The Govt says:

    Is advocating for Bermudians and why there is a restricted category. Problems very clear. Many are given the job and after 2 weeks give up.Many others do not apply or interview badly on purpose. Then there are those who want to do it their way. Lots Eat right in front of you while serving. Won’t pick up a piece of paper.Cant help tourists with a basic direction or fact as they did not pay attention in school
    because they do not know. On their cellphone. Drinking a soda right in front of you. Many have a bad attiude and customers refuse to return. The good ones get fed up with the bad ones and leave. And there are managers tired of telling them what to do so they back off only to see standards decline. Znd managers who cant manage.Time for a working group to tackle those problems. But we will not do it. We will just see the decline. My favourite is how the people who support them open a restaurant and the bad workers they supported work for them…..gone in 2 to 4 days especially when they reduce cost at the cash register for friends or they do not pay. Oh yeah. Time to own up.

  5. Concerned says:

    The influx of foreign workers where Bermudians once occupied which don’t require a major skill set or any at all should be open to only Bermudians, we don’t need maids, waiters, and salespeople etc to be foreign workers. It’s absolutely absurd. Bermudians are being displaced and struggling, some attracted by the lucrative nature of crime and drug trade because of the scarcity of jobs. Not saying that’s the only reason why crime has increased but it has had an negative impact and discouraged people from making an decent living versus other ways. The shift from a tourism based economy to intl business displaced a lot of locals who where previously working in the tourism industry. Now that it’s a intl business based economy,some Bermudians cannot transition into that because of the lack credentials. The govt needs to do more for Bermudians, instead of being a self serving govt, total indifferent to the people who elected them.