Work Permit Policy: Seeking & Changing Jobs

December 29, 2022

The Department of Immigration said they have “seen an increase in inquiries and work permit applications for work permit holders who have worked for their initial employer for less than two years.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Clause 4.6 of the 2017 Work Permit Policy states that work permit holders can only change jobs in the first two years when made redundant or on lodging a bona fide complaint with the Labour Relations Section of the Ministry of Economy and Labour against their employer. In such cases, the work permit holder may submit a written request to the Minister responsible for Immigration to waive the two-year requirement.”

“Employers have invested time and financial resources in recruiting workers from overseas, and the policy is designed to protect that investment.”

The spokesperson said, “Where the two-year requirement is not waived, the work permit holder must remain with the initial employer for two years or settle their affairs and depart Bermuda.

“Work permit applications by new employers will be refused, and the work permit holder cannot apply for permission to reside and seek alternative employment. Should the work permit holder choose to settle their affairs and depart Bermuda, they can only secure work in Bermuda once the initially contracted 2-year period of employment expires. These guidelines also apply to work permit holders who self-terminate.

“Employers and work permit holders are encouraged to review the Work Permit Policy [Clause 4.6], which only applies to work permit applications for Standard, Global and New Business work permits. For additional information, call 246-8093.”

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  1. Graeme says:

    Its an utterly ridiculous rule that precludes someone from seeking work within 2 years on a permit.

    How many times have we changed job and wished we hadn’t? I know I have. The fact that you are overseas makes it even more unsettling.

    More proof just how out of touch Minister Hayward is. He should fix this, but he won’t, he never does.

  2. Observer says:

    Talk about exploitation of human beings, hard to believe in the 21st century.

  3. Pure Madness says:

    Well its more than apparent that these folks are only looking to remain in Bermuda so that they can send the bulk of the money they make back to their home countries. And more than likely someone is going to say something ridiculous however that’s what they do, its not like they invest here and build up this country. Seen it far too often…..

    • Dumb government says:

      Such a small minded comment. You sound just like your brain dead government. They spend money at the groceries stores, rentals, retail and other business here. Remember if they weren’t here doing some of the jobs that are available these business would most likely be closed. Because Bermudian won’t do these jobs? You’ve probably never been a business owner or a supervisor. You have no clue. Just run your mouth. I know it doesn’t suit your prideful satisfaction, but they have to be here! And yes it makes sense for them to send money back home . Why else do you think they come here ?? I would do the same. I am black Bermudian through and through and now I have to treat myself like a foreign in my own country so I can stash money and get out of here away from Bermuda thinkers like you and this Muppet government

  4. Sandgrownan says:

    Rearranging the deck chairs.

    These idiots still think this is the way to protect Bermudians.

    • And when you were unemployed says:

      The first thing out of your mouth was “why do we have all of these foreigners?” I have met many who after just 6 months are told by their fellow countrymen where to apply and the advert is not even in the papers so when it is, they have already been interviewed and approved. The original employer who waited the 6 months feels chafted and can’t do a thing. At least if they had the person they could work accordingly. When it happens to you again we won’t listen. We will laugh at you.

  5. Hey says:

    I remember when guest workers could ask their employer for a letter of release after 1 year. Chefs and hotel staff would job hop all the time. Why wouldn’t they if they find better employment. I think 2 years is fair. I knew a chef that had changed jobs 3 times in a 5 year period. The Ministers always allow this when they receive letters explaining that the employee is “gods gift to man”

  6. Quanny says:

    Speaking for the younger generation get them off are island.