“Technology & Future Of Industry” Virtual Event

September 20, 2022

The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce announced its upcoming virtual event “Technology and The Future of Industry” in conjunction with Bermuda Business Development Agency’s Tech Week Summit.

A spokesperson said, “This fascinating conversation will touch on the impact of technology on Bermuda’s major industries. Everything from healthcare to education to insurance/reinsurance and personal privacy will be touched upon.

“Open to members and non-members of The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, this event will be held online via Zoom on Thursday, October 27th, 2022 at 3:00 PM and is kindly sponsored by Willis Towers Watson.

Sinead Bovell Bermuda September 2022

“The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce has sourced a world-renowned speaker, Sinead Bovell. Bovell is a five-time United Nations speaker, an experienced host, and is certified in AI ethics from MIT. Bovell has served as a tech contributor for publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, The Star, and The Globe and Mail, and was recently recognized by WIRED for her work in bringing “new faces to the table in tech.” She currently produces a YouTube series for WIRED exploring how tech is changing our world.

“Sinead strives to create conversations that will lead toward a progressive, informed, and thriving new era. She is a futurist and the founder of WAYE, an organization that helps prepare the next generation of business leaders for a world radically transformed by technology, focusing on non-traditional and minority markets.”

Bermuda Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer, Kendaree Burgess said, “The speed at which new technologies are changing our world is mind-blowing. We will soon have to globally contend with ethical and privacy issues around data sharing, artificial intelligence, and how they are used.

“These major changes and how they will affect the world of work is what will be discussed at this event. I am looking forward to getting a peek into the future so that we may steer a course with our eyes wide open. I encourage all industries to tune in and recognize that the potential issues of our future are impacted by the decisions and policies we make today.”


  • Member Watch Party $500
  • Member Single Ticket $50
  • Non-Member Watch Party $750
  • Non-Member single ticket $75

The spokesperson said, “Please visit the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce website at www.bermudachamber.bm to register. Alternatively, you can call 295-4201.”

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