Police: Latest Operation Vega Update

October 11, 2022

“We are once again reporting good performance across the police service with the Operation Vega traffic enforcement initiative,” Chief Inspector – Tactical Operations Unit Robert Cardwell said.

Chief Inspector Cardwell said, “We are pleased with the results, albeit the numbers are down from the previous reporting period.

“When assessing these numbers, we also have to consider the number of calls for service requiring police officer attendance. These calls for service must be addressed in tandem with Operation Vega.

“We continue to be concerned with the number of unlicensed and uninsured vehicles on the roads. We once again advise everyone to ensure your vehicle is licensed and insured. Also, that your driver’s license is current and not expired.

“We are delighted that Operation Vega appears to be having some influence on collision numbers. We recently reported that 3rd Quarter collision numbers were reduced when compared with previous years. This is indeed the space we want to be in, but we still have much work in front of us to bring down the numbers further and achieve our overall goal of making Bermuda safer, including on the roads.

“The break-down of traffic offences reported is as follow:

  • Speeding 281 [-87] [Over the limit speeds ranged from 59 kph to 95 kph]
  • Traffic Sign 39 [-74]
  • Unlicensed Vehicle 55 [-20]
  • No third part insurance 56 [-3]
  • No Driver’s license 32 [-14]
  • Manner of driving 14 [+2]
  • Disqualified 5 [+2]
  • Seatbelt 11 [+7]
  • Helmet 5 [-10]
  • Handheld device 0 [+0]
  • Defective vehicle 2 [-5]
  • Fail to give name/address 0 [0]
  • Fail to Stop 2 [-8]
  • Fraud Docs 6 [+5]
  • Making False Statement 1 [+1]
  • Impaired Driving Arrests 17

“Competing with OP Vega performance are calls for service. This was a busy period for calls for service with 976 recorded in this period.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Regarding unlicensed and uninsured vehicles, visit any parking area with bikes and you’ll see numerous bikes with out of date stickers. Give the job to reserves, or new recruits. Easy money.

  2. Terence Elliott says:

    “We are pleased with the results, albeit the numbers are down”. Why “albeit” – the numbers being down should be a good thing.

  3. Just Saying says:

    Pulling people over for victimless crimes called soft target.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      So you let a lunatic go about their merry way driving/riding at 80+k like it’s normal and legal and then they finally strike you or someone you love (or anyone) and cut you in two pieces ?
      You let someone keep driving without license or insurance like it a soft crime and they mow you down and don’t have 3rd party insurance ?

      Yeah , I bet you feel like a victim all the time .

    • sandgrownan says:

      Who determines these are victimless crimes? You?

      All of those listed a offences. Lock ‘em up, including the stupid cow who cut me off at Collector’s Hill yesterday. You know who you are.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Victimless crimes, like ignoring stop signs and traffic lights so that I have to come to a screeching halt in order to avoid hitting someone who ignores the rules of the road? Is that what you mean by “victimless crimes”?