Highest Impaired Driving Arrests Over Three Years

January 4, 2024 | 7 Comments

“Figures recorded as part of Operation Vega in the 4th quarter of 2023 “show impaired driving continues to be a troublingly prolific offence,” the police said, adding that “2023 witnessed the highest number of impaired driving arrests over a three-year period.”

Robert Cardwell, Acting Superintendent, Tactical Support Division stated: “We must move away from a culture where impaired driving is acceptable. It must be heavily frowned upon and be of concern to us all in order that the necessary change in thinking can be achieved.”

“The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] reminds the motoring public that just as it is against the law to drive while under the influence of alcohol, it is also an offence to drive whilst impaired through drug use. Driving while under the influence of drugs, whether illegal or prescribed, means you are driving whilst impaired. The BPS will this year act to significantly address the issue of drug impaired driving.”

The police spokesperson said, “Speeding also continues to rank high among traffic offences reported. We are also concerned by the number of people operating vehicles which are uninsured, unlicensed or both and persons operating vehicles while not having a valid driver’s licence.”

Mr. Cardwell added: “We continue to encourage motorists to comply with traffic regulations and drive responsibly. Don’t wait until you’re somehow impacted by impaired driving before you take action against it and please, slow down. We urge you to work with us and do your part to make our roads safer for all residents and visitors.

“In this period – 4th Quarter [1/10/23 to 31/12/23] the break-down of traffic offences reported is as follows:

Operation Vega Data January 2024

Impaired Driver Arrests Totals:

  • 2021 – 170
  • 2022 – 229
  • 2023 – 263

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  1. Maddog says:

    The BPS can do everything in their power to stop and arrest people but the Law and the Courts need to take a much firmer hand with the penalties. Driving on public roads is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT. You abuse the privilege you loose it….period…. 1 and 2 years off the road for high speed chases and impaired driving and no insurance are NOT ENOUGH. The potential consequences of individuals irresponsible behavior impacts other innocent people and we are SICK OF IT AND SICK OF YOU. Get them off the road and keep them off.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “The BPS can do everything in their power to stop and arrest people …”

      I wish they would. Traffic signs have been nothing but mere suggestions for the past 20 or so years. Traffic lights in town are routinely ignored by motorcyclists.

      Drivers feel empowered to ignore the law because they know the police are not enforcing traffic laws.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        “Traffic lights in town are routinely ignored by motorcyclists.”

        Sounds like you’re one of the thousands of car drivers who think that bikes are the root of all evil on the roads. Yep , car drivers are perfect..lol

      • trufth says:

        It’s the courts who don’t enforce the laws. They hand out slaps on the wrist or a good finger wagging.

        Now days, it’s not the fear of going to jail for driving drunk – it’s the fear of scratching your bike or denting your car.

    • Einstein says:

      We have the steepest traffic fines in probably the whole world. $300 for going 31mph is not high enough for you? That is half a week’s paycheck for most poor people. Driving is a privilege? Moving yourself from one location to another should NOT be called a “privilege”. Only people with warped minds would consider movement a privilege. Next you people will be calling breathing air and drinking water a privilege.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        You sound like you’re a bit too young to remember the road traffic handbook and the days before you took your theory test on a computer screen.
        Back then it was made crystal clear that having a license was a privilege .
        Whether this is still so I don’t know .

  2. Jael says:

    I guess we are going to just forget COVID, lockdowns, closed bars and clubs, and working from home, huh? Compare the stats to 2019 (pre-COVID).

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