Chuck Morgan Gains Muay Thai Certification

November 1, 2022

[Written by Stephen Wright]

Chuck Morgan continues to grow Muay Thai in Bermuda after attending the Thai Boxing Association-Sanctioning Authority [TBA-SA] Officials Intensive Course in Edmund, Oklahoma.

Chuck Morgans Bermuda November 2, 2022

Morgan, head coach at Fight City Muay Thai and Fitness on Pitts Bay Road, has become the first representative from the Atlantic and Caribbean region to gain certification from the World Boxing Council Muaythai [WBC] and the TBA-SA.

He is one of only 50 participants certified by both governing bodies as a judge and referee.

The three-day course, delivered by Pete Peterson, a TBA-SA head official, featured classroom and practical components. Participants were assessed on judging and refereeing live sparring and video bouts.

“The importance of the course is being able to understand rules and protocols, which will give [local fighters] an advantage when we compete overseas,” Morgan told Bernews.

“We need to know what judges and referees are looking for, so we can adjust our training to focus on them.

“It’s about continuing to learn and progress the sport in all aspects for Bermuda.”

Morgan was named chairman of the WBC Muaythai Bermuda in February.

The newly created position within the WBC – one of the most prominent kickboxing organisations worldwide – reflects Morgan’s hard work over the past eight years promoting Muay Thai locally.

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